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4 qualities you need when taking on your first employees

Everybody has experienced a terrible boss at some point in their working life. Those people that try to lead by sitting around doing nothing, giving their employees unrealistic goals and then getting angry when they aren’t met. That only fosters a bad relationship with employees and a toxic work environment that is not conducive to efficient output. If you’ve gone self-employed recently and it’s time to start taking on employees, you need to make sure that you don’t end up being that kind of boss. Any good leader needs these skills and qualities.


Qualifications And Experience

This is something that people don’t often consider but if employees are going to follow you, you need to prove to them that you’re qualified to lead. Having good experience in your industry is a number one priority, nobody will listen to you if you don’t know what you’re talking about. However, it’s also a good idea to get a masters in strategy and leadership which you can take online. People often say that being a good leader is something that you’re born with and you can’t learn it. That’s true to an extent but there are plenty of aspects of management that you absolutely can learn from a course like this. Having those qualifications behind you will inspire a lot more confidence in your employees.



If employees feel as though they are being lied to or kept in the dark about certain things, that takes away the trust which is an important factor when you’re trying to run a successful team. A lot of bosses make the mistake of trying to hide things from their employees when the business is in trouble. However, it’s much better to be upfront with them because, most of the time, they’ll be willing to put the extra work in and help you turn things around. It also prepares them for the possibility of job loss if things get really bad.



While it’s important that you don’t delegate everything to your employees, it’s equally important that you don’t micromanage them. You need to recognize that they do their job day in, day out and they know how to do it better than you do. It frustrates employees if you’re constantly breathing down their neck and criticizing the way that they do things. If they aren’t getting results, you can speak to them about why, but otherwise, let them get on with it.



A lot of the major problems in a company come from a lack of communication and it goes both ways. If you’ve got concerns about your employee’s output and you don’t communicate that to them, how will they know that things need to change? Equally, if they’ve got issues that stop them from doing their job properly then you need to know about it. It’s important that you have an open door policy and make sure that employees feel comfortable coming to you with their problems.

Without these qualities, you won’t be a good boss and your company will suffer for it.


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