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Feb 20

4 Tactics to Pump Customers up for Your Pop-up Shop

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While many brick and mortar retailers are taking their businesses online to catch up with the eCommerce trends, the opposite is happening with online businesses. Although the tides of consumer habits are shifting in favor of the online shopping experience due to convenience, there isn’t any replacement for the experience of tactile interaction with products. While that doesn’t mean that you should run out to start scouting expensive retail locations, you should consider the next best option of a pop-up shop. Here are four tactics of how to advertise your first pop-up shop as an online seller.


  1. Let Them Browse Online and Pick up in Person

One of the most convenient parts of shopping online is that consumers are able to not only browse quickly, but also compare prices and promotions, read product reviews, and make purchases anywhere as long as they have a mobile device. That being said, according to CPC Strategy, 44 percent of consumers prefer to shop online and then pick up their purchases in-store. While that usually isn’t an option in the eCommerce world, it’s certainly one you can offer if you’re doing a pop-up shop. As part of your marketing strategy of how to get the word out about your pop-up shop, trying offering a limited time opportunity to your customers to purchase something online and then pick it up in-store at your pop-up. Not only does this offer shoppers a tactile experience that so many people crave, but it also puts a face to your online business. You also want to allow shoppers to browse your pop-up store once they’re there if they’ve purchased one thing. If they see other merchandise in person in which they’re interested, this is where a mobile credit card reader comes in handy. You should be ready to accept credit card payments in person.


  1. Keep Your Customer Service Consistent

Customers expect excellent value and exemplary service, whether online or offline. By prioritizing these two essential standards, it will help your brand grow, according to Internet Retailer. The potential pitfall here, though, is that if you’re inconsistent, it will make you look especially bad. In other words, if you have a great reputation for customer service online, but then fail to deliver offline, it can substantially damage your customer base. Make sure that when you’re running a pop-up shop, you interact with your customers pleasantly, offer helpful information if requested, and listen carefully to their feedback. You might also run an in-person survey about what your customers think your weakest and strongest points are as a business. This is especially effective if you’re dealing with a loyal customer who’s had a lot of experience with your brand.


  1. Use Social Media as Your Showcase

When you’re promoting your pop-up shop, emphasize what added bonus the customer will be getting by visiting in person. For example, take one of your most popular items and post a picture of it on Facebook or Twitter. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your best goods and attract customers. If the pop-up location is easy for shoppers to reach and your picture gets retweeted or shared enough, it has the potential to attract new customers. Ramp up the visuals on your social media accounts when you’re opening a pop-up shop. Consumers need a reason to visit you in-person, and if there’s an eye-catching photo of beautiful merchandise, they’ll be enticed to stop by. This approach is also easily coordinated through online store platforms such as Shopify where social media is already integrated into the management setup.


  1. A Unique Brick and Mortar Shopping Experience

Make your pop-up shop a unique sensory experience for customers. For example, The Wall Street Journal points out that major retailers that specialize in scented products, such as SC Johnson’s Glade brand, used a pop-up shop to offer the experience of scent. This tactic emphasizes the experiential aspect of a product that’s only possible is the physical world. The bottom line is that you need to take all the success your business has had, but then step it up and make your pop-up shop special in a way that’s impossible to do online. If your business uses color as an essential component, for example, offer customers the chance to view various hues they’ve seen online. Then, let them compare with a visit to your pop-up shop to see what they look like in real life. This works especially well if you deal in an aesthetic industry such as fashion or interior decorating. Make sure the experience you’re offering also links back to the nature of your business.

Pop-up shops are becoming increasingly popular for online businesses, and are a much cheaper option that opening a brick and mortar store. This is an especially clever tactic if your business specializes in products and services that have an important tangible component, such as color, texture, or craftsmanship. You can give your customers a taste of what they can expect with future online purchases by showing off the quality and value of products that you offer in person.


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