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Feb 25

5 Cost-Efficient Ways Of Communicating With Customers

Reading Time: 3 mins

It used to be that getting the word out about your products and services meant setting aside massive funding for television ads, radio mentions, newspaper and magazine spaces, and large billboards—but that was before the Internet boom.

Today, there are various affordable ways of reaching out to your target market. The following are methods you can exploit to fit your communication needs. 


Social Media 

So many people are on social media. Statista estimates 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. By 2025, it may rise to a 4.41 billion. By January 2021, those at the ages of 25–34 are the largest group of Facebook users in the United States alone. Social media is one of the best cost-effective ways to market your business. It presents an excellent opportunity to market your business on social media platforms.  

Users also tend to look out for recommendations, and businesses that utilize social media ads are generating leads, sometimes even for free. Take photos of products, create graphics for promotions, or even add videos—social media allows you to easily create a buzz for your products or services. 


Electronic Fax 

Fax machines were an effective means of communication for a long time. It enables individuals and businesses to send copies of documents as long as senders and recipients both have legacy fax machines. Today, users can send a fax online through digital software solutions. Instead of hardcopies, businesses can communicate with their customers by sending fax copies like email. You don’t even need fax machines to do it because people can access this software through your smartphone, tablet, and computer. No need for separate machines and paper supplies! You can choose from affordable packages for how many you want to send and receive per month.  


Fax by Email 

Another means of communication you should learn is how to fax with email. It allows you to send documents without software and hardware, printing or scanning just using your preferred email address. It’s affordable because you don’t need a dedicated line, fax machine, or paper stacks. Just attach documents and send to up to five recipients. You can access the service through mobile devices even when you’re on the road as long as there is Internet connection.  


Web Conferencing 

Virtual meetings are becoming popular because of the pandemic (I think we’re all a little sick of online meetings!), as it’s one of the best solutions to conduct face-to-face discussions with teams remotely. Services such as Skype and Google Hangouts are free to use and anyone who has online access can meet up with several people. You can also use the free phone service feature with your number. They are accessible through mobile devices through a high-speed internet connection.  


Messaging Apps 

Messaging applications are not just for communicating with your team daily. You can also use them to meet with single or multiple customers or clients. These apps allow the attachment of files, links, and media uploads for online presentations. Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp are just some of the popular messaging apps you can use to make money via your smartphone. Simply download the apps and use them for free. All you are paying for is your Internet service without incurring additional costs.  



The Bottomline 

Customer engagement has never been so easy and affordable. With apps and software services costing from little to none, you can engage a vast number of customers simultaneously. It’s also affordable on their part because they offer a win-win solution. The best thing about these communication methods is that you can use all of them, allowing flexibility so that you can reach more people with little trouble.  


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