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Sep 21

5 easy ways to make money with Oh My Dosh

Reading Time: 2 mins

Oh My Dosh is a terrific and easy way to get some extra cash in your wallet. A lot of the time you can monetise things you already do anyway. For example, how about just watching a load of Amazon Prime? Sounds too good to be true? It really isn’t. You’ll be shouting OhMyDosh before you know it…

5 ways to make money on Oh My Dosh


We all like to spend time watching videos online which, if you’re like us, is something you’d probably be doing almost every day.

There are a whole host of services you can trial via OhMyDosh and get paid for. Usually this means you’ll get a free month of entertainment AND money in your wallet. For example, you could trial Amazon Prime for a month and get paid £4 for doing so. It really is a no-brainer. Watch things like The Grand Tour, American Gods and more – sounds pretty good to us.

They have a range of services you can subscribe to. Love reality TV? Why not go for Hayu, get 30 days of entertainment and receive £4. Wow.


Reading magazines is a great way to build knowledge and entertain yourself. But we all know magazines can be expensive, especially if you read a lot of them. What if you could get a load of free magazines PLUS get paid for reading them. With OhMyDosh you can get a one month trial of Readly for 99p. The real win is that you’ll get paid £4 for doing so, which means the trial itself is FREE plus you get £3.01 for yourself.


This is a double whammy. OhMyDosh allows you to sign up to places like Survey Spotter. You’ll get some money from OhMyDosh for signing up. The real incentive however is that once you’re signed up you can also earn a load of money from the site themselves, aka Survey Spotter. So you’re technically getting paid…to get paid. Sounds alright, doesn’t it? Even better with lightning offers.


Because OhMyDosh has a lot of lotto opportunities which usually cost money, you can effectively enter to win for free. And sometimes even make some money out of it. For example, for £1 you can get 10 entries to the euromillions through Lotto Social and get paid £3 for this – that means you make a profit and are 10 times more likely to win. Astonishing.


If you do your online shopping through OhMyDosh you can earn loads of cash back and even direct payment. For example booking a holiday on Secret Escapes will immediately net you £15. OhMyDosh have over a huge number of merchants and keep expanding. You can earn cashback from all the popular brands.

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Joanne (@joanne-edwards)
2 years ago

Useful info for getting the best from Oh My Dosh.

DEB (@deb-rapley)
2 years ago

Is the £4 just a one off payment? It costs close to £90 for the year so not a winner if that’s the case

1 year ago
Reply to  DEB

You can cancel the payment before it occurs and still get the 30 days, then just rinse and repeat.

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