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Jun 29

5 strangest ways for students to make money during university

Reading Time: 4 mins

Are you racking you brain trying to think of ways you can make money during university without impacting your studies?

As a student you’ll look back on this period of your life with a mix of pleasure and confusion. Pleasure at the good times and confusion at some of the weird stuff you got up to.

Some of the weird stuff you’ll regret. Some of it you won’t. Why? Because there are ways of turning those strange experiences you’ll have to your financial advantage.

Before you get locked into adult life for good, here are 5 ways you can top up your income by taking a break from the norm…


Have you thought about…

Docotor giving young woman medication

1. Helping medical science

It’s a long-standing cliché that students hand themselves over to medical professionals in the hope of a fast buck. But like all the best clichés it’s true!

This covers a wide area and what you make depends on why you’re being poked, prodded, injected or examined. You could be taking psychological tests, or swallowing a pill and waiting for the results.

Clearly this option isn’t for everyone. As well as placing your trust in the hands of medical science, you should also be aware the financial rewards aren’t always great.

Some institutions offer little more than expenses. And if the pay is high, then you’ve got to wonder what it is you’re getting yourself into.

Find out more about taking part in clinical trials here.


Thinking off the top of our heads…

Woman cutting her ponytail off

2. Hair’s a good idea

While hair detached from the human head can be kind of icky, there’s gold in them hair follicles. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Or to be more precise flog it.

Human hair is used for high quality wigs by film and TV crews, amongst others. This is your best bet if you want to make anything more than spare change. Don’t sell your precious locks short!

Speaking of short, that’s not what hair buyers are looking for. You have to grow a  good quality ‘product’ to get the best return, and adopt a model-style routine for what’s up top.

As it takes forever to grow back, it’s best to treat selling your hair as a one-off when it comes to earning some cash in a rather strange way.


We should stop messing around. Or maybe we shouldn’t…

Man playing VR video game

3. Game on

Video games went beyond the realm of spotty teenagers years ago, and they’re now a major business for adults and kids alike. There is a moneymaking opportunity here you may not be aware of.

You can get a job as a tester, helping games designers perfect their pixels. The salary can range from part time cash to minimum wage or more.

Or if you fancy a more personal approach you can try launching yourself as a gaming pundit, via a blog or YouTube channel.

It’s a crowded marketplace for sure, but if you can entertain the masses and rack up the clicks, then you could earn money from ads on your site.

Find out more about making money playing video games. 


Speaking of entertainment…

Young woman holing clapper board

 4. An extra slice

We mentioned the film and TV industry earlier. You don’t have to be a big star to get in front of a camera, wearing someone else’s hair or otherwise.

Extra work is a popular choice of part time job for students and it’s easy to see why. The rates of pay are great compared to “regular” jobs and the showbiz vibe can be pretty exciting.

You earn the equivalent of a couple of days’ work pulling factory shifts just standing around. There’s plenty of that by the way, as crews can take an age setting up shots and getting the lighting just right.

Being an extra also has an element of ‘any time, any place, any where’. The variety can be thrilling, but also frustrating if you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere and can’t leave till someone shouts: “That’s a wrap!”.

Find out more about becoming an extra.


Just when you think you’ve seen everything…

Empty toilet rolls in the bathroom

 5. There’s the Royal Flush

We’ve saved the strangest money-making scheme for last. Don’t throw out your old toilet roll! Sounds weird, but we all know how those cardboard tubes pile up.

If you save them up in large quantities there are people out there who will take the rolls off your hands. Not a bad way to recycle and get funds in your pocket.

Reasons given for wanting a payload of toilet tubes include arts and crafts, and even toys for pets.

So remember, don’t flush this earning opportunity down the toilet. Start saving and make a tidy sum from what’s been on your bum.

Find out more about making money from loo rolls here.

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2 years ago

I love the idea of saving old toilet rolls!

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