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Jan 04

5 tips for getting more money from your boss

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Do you deserve a pay rise?

Maybe you’ve been working harder and staying later than everyone else in the office, perhaps you’ve closed a very big sale or brought in a new client, or maybe one of your colleagues has accidentally let slip their monthly wage… and it’s a lot more than yours.

Whatever the reason, if you believe that you deserve to be paid more for your work, you are entitled to ask your boss for a raise. Your boss doesn’t have to agree to it, but as the old saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Here are a few tips on how to land a higher salary.

Try these 5 ways to get a pay rise this month:


Tip 1 – Timing is Everything

Don’t doorstep your employer on the way to a difficult boardroom meeting, and don’t interrupt him or her while they’re having lunch. You’re more likely to be successful if your boss is relaxed and ready for the conversation, so it’s better to schedule a meeting rather than put them on the spot.

Ask your boss if they’ve got time to have a coffee with you over the next few days, or, if you can’t face asking them in person, send an email. It’s worth giving them a heads up about what you want to discuss – you don’t want him or her to feel as if they’re being ambushed, as this could make them defensive.


Tip 2 – Know Your Worth

5 tips for getting a pay rise from your boss“How much do you think you should be earning?”

If your employer puts you on the spot, you’ll need to be able to answer. How? One easy way to answer with confidence is to prove that other people are earning more than you for the same role.

Try doing an online search for a similar position being advertised elsewhere (but be aware of regional differences). Often the job specification will include a salary range, which is an easy way to find out whether your salary is typical of the role.

Another way of finding out what you’re worth would be to use Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool.

ValueMyCV scans information it gathers from your CV through a set of algorithms, and estimates how much you should be earning, with results based on data taken from thousands of CVs and salaries. If it’s higher than your current salary, you can use this figure to back up your claim that you should be earning more – just remember to update your CV to include your time and achievements at your current company before using the tool.


Tip 3 – Prepare

What’s the reason you’re asking for a pay rise?

Perhaps you’ve found out that somebody in a similar role earns more than you, or perhaps you think your hard work and contribution to the company deserves a higher reward?

Either way, you’ll need to sit down and think about it in order to impress your employer with a clear and articulate reason, backed up by facts and figures that demonstrate the value you bring to the company.


Tip 4 – get the Meeting right

5 tips for getting a pay rise from your bossYou’ve requested a meeting, done your research, and put together a coherent, logical argument as to why you want a pay rise. Now it’s time to put it to the test.

Get a good night’s sleep beforehand, and plan what you’re going to wear. If you’ve been turning up to work in scruffy jeans and unkempt hair then dressing like an exec on the one day you want something from your boss isn’t going to magically transform their opinion of you, but you should certainly dress a little smarter than usual to suggest to your boss how serious you are about the meeting.

And as if you needed reminding, don’t be late. If you’re rushing to the meeting from somewhere else, you’ll turn up stressed and won’t be able to focus. Get there early and take a moment to calm down – remember that  your body language be a powerful negotiating tool.


Tip 5 – Don’t despair if they say no

You are well within your rights to ask for a pay rise, and your boss is equally within his or her rights to turn you down. If this happens, it isn’t a disaster – but you need to think carefully about what to do next.

Does your employer have a good reason for turning you down? If so, it’s worth asking specifically what he or she needs you to do to get to the next payment grade, and you can also ask whether your boss would be happy to schedule a payment review in a few months time to come back to the conversation.

If you don’t feel that your employer has a good reason for turning you down, and a pay rise is important to you, it might be worth beginning to look elsewhere.

Find out EVEN MORE great ways to get a pay rise in this article too


Are you thinking of asking for a pay rise?

Have you ever asked for one before?

Let us if you got the money or not in the comments section below. We would love to know!


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2 years ago

I know there would have been no point in asking my previous boss for a pay rise.

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