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5 ways to make money using Twitter

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Twitter isn’t just a place to tell the world what you’re eating or to brag about how many followers you have. It can also provide you with money-making opportunities.

We here at Moneymagpie use Twitter every day (take a look at us here @MoneyMagpie). So read on to find how you can use Twitter to make money and market yourself and your business.


What is Twitter?

Twitter on smartphone

Twitter is a social network that allows you to express your thoughts in no more than 140 characters.

Since its launch in 2006, (when Jasmine joined it, by the way!) Twitter has gained more than 300 million users.

Celebrities use Twitter to gain popularity, journalists use Twitter to break news stories and businesses use it to communicate with their customers.

If you have interesting and useful things to say or a product that others should buy, you might just be able to use this social platform in order to make money. Take a look at our five ways below.


1. Tweeting to sell products

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Tweeting your products is an essential way to advertise your products in the ecommerce world.

  • Do you have an Etsy shop that sells handmade jewellery?
  • Do you have a blog that you use to sell homemade cards?
  • Or do you have an ebay shop waiting to get rid of all your Christmas presents?

If so, tweeting links to your online shop or even making use of Twitter Ads is a vital way of attracting people to your shop and making money.

Twitter can be a powerful platform for marketing your product. Research relevant hashtags for your industry, and include those in your automated Tweets to maximize their exposure.

  • Use Twitter Ads

Launching a new product? Want to raise maximum awareness on social media? Twitter Ads is a great tool for anyone using the site for business purposes. Twitter offers a variety of ad campaign options, each aimed at a different outcome – raising awareness, gaining followers, promoting videos/photos/gifs, driving traffic to an external website and upping engagement – to help you reach the results you’re after.

Once you’ve picked your campaign, you will write a relevant Tweet, make a payment (usually between $0.50 and $4) and then your tweet will appear in the feeds of people beyond your feed who also match your target audience. Magic!

  • Keep things interesting

It is, however, important to not just tweet links to your products.

It’s important to remember that many people – especially millenials – like to buy into the idea BEHIND products too. So, if you have a special back story to share or a worthy cause your product is connected with, be sure to bring that to light through your Twitter interactions.

  • Engage with your followers

Which brings us to the next point: INTERACT. If you’re simply sending out tweets every few hours and aren’t engaging with other users/your followers, you’re not embracing the full potential of this amazing network. The more you interact, the more connections you may be able to make and the more products you will sell.

  • Set up a content schedule

Of course you may not feel equally inspired to share fun, interesting and thought-provoking tweets everyday, so sit down once a month to work out a content plan for your feed and schedule tweets in advance. Then be sure to check in at least once or twice a day to have a chat or two to keep engagement going.

  • Optimise your website for sharing

You can also promote your product by adding social share buttons on your product forms, which users can Tweet out from their personal accounts with links to your products. Even consider adding some sort of incentive – like discount on their next purchase – to encourage users to share your products from their personal accounts.

Take a look at our ten tips for starting a eCommerce business here. 


2. Tweeting to promote your services

Twitter app on phone

Marketing yourself is the best way to sell your services.

  • Are you a great web designer?
  • Do you posses indispensable creative skills?
  • Or are you simply trying to find a new job?

Promoting your services on Twitter is a great, free way to find work, sell your skills and make money.

  • Digital networking

Many professionals use Twitter as a way to stay in touch with other people in their industry. This kind of digital networking allows you to develop relationships, develop partnerships and sell yourself to do work.

  • Universal appeal

Also, tweeting about your latest services and current work can grab the attention from people all over the world. Twitter is a universal sales platform so in this case – the world really is your oyster. A little self promotion can quickly lead to a  sale or even a job.

  • Connect and build community

However, don’t just use Twitter to push yourself or your services.

Tweet useful articles, fun stuff, questions, answers and even quizzes. Also, while your networking with others in your industry, keep things light – share a joke now and then or give a little glimpse into the more interesting side of your daily working life. For example, if your cat likes sitting staring at you while you work, tweet a picture of your feline colleague with an amusing caption. This will bring a human element to your feed and make you more relatable.

After all, no one wants to be bombarded with sales pitches all the time.

Create real interest in real information and entertainment and people will be more likely to take a look at what you do for your ‘day job’!


3. Influencer marketing

Woman photographing food on smart phone

Many celebrities have embraced Twitter in order to make some extra money. The likes of Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce who have millions of followers can make a bucket load of cash for just a single tweet.

  • What is an influencer?

A couple of years ago it seemed highly unlikely that any ordinary person would be able to get tens of thousands, let alone millions of followers the way celebs do. However, with the rise of influencer marketing, that has changed dramatically.

The short and the long of it is companies started realising that while glamorous stars were inspirational, they were not necessarily relatable… and this affected the way in which their target audience viewed their products.

So, instead of relying solely on their celebrity ambassadors, many brands started looking to enlist the help of social media users with ‘clout’ – those who have an influence on their peers through an online persona that is interesting, engaging, fun and, most importantly, relatable – in their advertising campaigns.

This would often involve the ‘influencer’ being given products for free, in exchange for promotional social media posts, including tweets. As influencers become a more prevalent part of the marketing landscape, brands have also started paying individuals for taking part in campaigns.

In order to maintain transparency, influencers will always clearly differentiate promotional posts from personal ones through a hashtag or disclaimer.

  • How to become an influencer?

While it may seem like lots of fun, most influencers have worked extremely hard to get where they are today and continue to do so, in order to stay on top of their game.

Of course, there is now quick fix plan to become a social media influencer, but here are a few things that could certainly help you reach this level of social media engagement include:

  • Having a niche interest – vegan cooking, vintage fashion, cute animals… whatever you’re passionate about really!
  • Creating quality content – while being able to write well is important, brands often look for ambassadors who have the ability to create beautiful/striking images. So, start working on your photography and editing skills. Fortunately, most modern smart phones are equipped with fantastic cameras!
  • Being entertaining – this is probably the most important of all, especially on Twitter, where you only have 140 characters to make an impression. However, don’t try to too hard. If wit and humour aren’t your strong suit and you try being funny, it will probably fall miserably flat. Instead, focus on using your unique voice and working hard at connecting with like-minded individuals – remember it’s really all about networking!

You might be interested in reading our tips on how to get funding for a start-up business here. 


4. Tweeting for other companies

Twitter app on phone

OK, so you may not have millions of followers, but if you write a blog or website and have built up a good, regular following you could make money by posting affiliate links.

This means if you think your readers will be interested in a certain product you can contact an affiliate marketing company to get a tracking affiliate link.

You can then tweet this link here and there and if someone buys the product you have linked to, you will profit from a portion of the sales – it’s that simple….at least it is if

  1. you have a LOT of traffic
  2. the people who follow you trust what you say
  3. they are actively interested in the product you are linking to so that they not only click on it but go on to buy.

Affiliate links are not going to make you rich, rich, rich, but if you’re going to talk about a particular product anyway, you might as well have the chance of making a bit of cash out of it!

Remember: When you talk to people on Twitter replies are public. This means that when you engage with others in conversations everyone can see what you’re writing. If you’re representing a company make sure you don’t tweet anything that may be considered offensive or harmful to the company’s reputation.


5. Sell your products for the price of a tweet

Taking photo of a shirt to sell online

Pay with a tweet is a website that gives people access to your product only if they tweet or post about it.

Although you don’t actually make money, you can promote your services and products, and in turn this can attract people to eventually purchase your service or product.

Pay with a tweet is a good way to make your product go viral and anything that goes viral has amazing money-making potential.


Things that work well on Twitter

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To make money through Twitter you really need to be good at getting followers to your accounts, using multiple accounts and writing engaging tweets that will make your followers want to click on

If you want people to follow, retweet or favourite your tweets you have to research what works well on Twitter. Here are some things that work well…

  • Everyone loves a motivation quote. Quotes are great for getting people to retweet or favourite your content .
  • Jokes and funny pictures also work well, especially, adorable babies, cute animals and funny jokes about famous people.
  • If you want to go that extra mile for your followers, try to get some exclusive money-off codes to show your followers you want to offer them something extra for nothing.
  • Once a month, or more if you can, try to get your hands on something free to give away. You can set up a competition asking your followers to share and get others to follow or favourite. This way not only are people promoting your brand, you’re also building your followers.
  • Use #hashtags and trending topics to maximise your tweets’ potential to reach a wider audience.


Things to remember

Twitter on various devices

Making money through Twitter isn’t easy, but if you take the time to build up followers you could potentially make some really good money.

  • In order to make money through Twitter you really need to be good at getting followers to your accounts, using multiple accounts and writing engaging tweets that will make your followers want to click on.
  • You should be good at marketing yourself, marketing for others and staying in touch with trends and current events.
  • If you stop tweeting funny, interesting or engaging things, you’ll lose followers, lose  exciting professional opportunities, and, ultimately, lose the chance to make more money through Twitter.
  • In you want to make money using affiliate marketing, be careful not to bombard your readers with a load of links. Consider using affiliate links between every 5-10 tweets.
  • Using Twitter to make money is a hit and miss opportunity. You really have to work hard at promoting your products, services and skills, but it can pay off!


and no, buying followers is not the way to go

Back in the early days of making money on Twitter, people used to think that the best quickest way of boosting your online profile was to buy followers.

For as little as $14, you could buy 1,000 new followers, who would show up immediately. Clever right?

Wrong! Even though brands and companies look for Twitter users with large followings to involve in their influencer campaigns, its not only the numbers that count, but WHO those followers are and whether they’re an engaged audience.

Having 10,000 followers, but 9,900 of them are fake accounts to fill up space, will not get you any business on Twitter.

You can find 20 tips for running your own business here.


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