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May 21

7 Usually-Forgotten Places Where You Need Your Company Logo

Reading Time: 3 mins

When you start to imagine your brand, there are obvious places where you put the business’s custom logo. It is already in your location building welcoming your guests, sponsors, and customers. It should be on your business’s website that is inviting from your choice of font and colors to its menu bar. Your business logo should be printed on every flier that you give out, every newspaper advertisement, everything that you sponsor, and every poster that you put up. From professional promotion to D.I.Y. advertising, you might have forgotten important places to exhibit your business’s logo:


1. When you give things to other businesses.

Everything that you prepare to give to other businesses whether you want to be connected to partner companies or you want their money (i.e. sponsors and investors), you print your logo on everything that has to do with it.  It will be so exciting for you to see your first business cardDecide whether the card is vertical or horizontal and whether the cardstock is white or in color.  Your company’s custom logo must be there, whether on the front or the back of your business card.  Remember to put your company’s logo on business checks and business envelopes.  Don’t worry!  Ordering your business checks with custom logos can be a quick and painless process.  A trusted online provider can offer a free logo option, varied style section, and use of business accounting software like Quickbooks Online.  Lastly, do not forget to end all business emails with not only your name and the name of your business.  Another way that you remind people of your brand is to end every email with the company’s logo.


2. When you give products to present (and future) customers.

Have your business name and logo on everything that you send out, not only fliers and event posters.  Include it on all SWAG products to give out at corporate events or trade shows – water bottles, office supplies, keychains, magnets, pint glasses, pens, coffee cups, tote bags, stress balls, party supplies, brochures, postcards, t-shirts, stickers, labels, and anything else.  Make sure that your gear looks amazing so that you have promotional merchandise and word out of mouth advertising.   Every time you send out a product, make sure that the logo is on your packaging products, such as packing tape, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and boxes.  After you have completed work or made a sale, leave an impression with customers by putting your logo on physical and emailed invoices, receipts, and post-purchase emails.  Always give a trustworthy impression to your customers and everyone who wants to support your business.


3. When you give presentations to your future sponsors.

Learn how to create business presentations with your company’s logo featured on the introduction and conclusion of it.  Have the logo on the foot of every slide.


4. When you give office supplies to your employees.

Make sure that your company logo is set as your desktop and phone wallpaper. Even as your profile picture on Zoom, Google Hangouts, and every video chat. Give your employees this opportunity, and make it mandatory on the desktop of their business computers.


5. When you put your business online.

Have you created social media pages for your business? Once your logo is ready, this will be your business channel’s profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more social media outlets.


6. When you decorate your office space.

When you enter your place of work, your logo should welcome you. At the door, on your windows, on the walls, and supplies throughout the office, your logo represents the need that you fill out in the world.


7. When you consider other options of which you never considered.

Order self-inking stamps, ink pads, and wax seals that you can use as a cool addition to packages, business envelopes, and letters.  Order vehicle branded decor for your business vehicle or even for your car. Every time that the cars move about, the vehicle becomes passive marketing and the brand’s moving billboard.

In conclusion, your custom logo builds your branding identity and represents your company to everyone.  To use your branding budget efficiently, it is important to pick the branding assets that are most relevant to the product or service that you are offering, whether you are working in the restaurant, real estate, health, or fashion industry.  Your brand isn’t only represented in your logo.  This small symbol is the most visual element more than anything else.  Find everywhere you can put, paste, and print your company’s custom logo!



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