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7 ways for super polite people to make money

Are you blessed (or possibly burdened) with a natural tendency toward being polite?

Well, if you’ve never considered making money from it, now’s the time!

Here are 10 jobs perfectly suited to polite people:



Young male waiter

When it comes to ordering food and drinks, people don’t have too much patience. Ask even the most experienced waiter and they’ll probably tell you they’ve never experienced a day without a customer complaint.

While this sounds nightmarish to most of us, those with a thick skin and polite demeanour are perfectly equipped to deal with even the rudest customer.

If you’re a student or working half days at another job, waitering could be an excellent additional income. However, if you find yourself enjoying the job so much and wrapping patrons around your pinky without a problem, you may consider doing it full-time and eventually working your way up to manager position. Of course, you should probably aim for something a little more swanky than the coffee shop on the corner if this is your plan.

How much can you make:

The average waiter’s salary is £6.13 per hour. Once you reach restaurant manager status, however, you can expect earnings of £23,000 a year.



Smiling female concierge

If you like getting a bit of insight into the private lives of others but are far too polite to share what you see, you’re cut out to be a concierge!

Basically, your job would entail serving as a receptionist of sorts at a hotel or an apartment block. Most concierges, however, go far beyond this limited job description and often end up becoming confidantes to those they welcome to the building every day. It’s a pretty natural progression, really – if you’re always there to see everyone’s comings and goings, there’s really very little residents or guests can hide from you.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of your job is to turn a blind eye when needed and never, ever lose your cool.

How much can you make:

Concierges in the UK earn an average salary of £19,400 per year.


Public Relations Manager

Female PR manager

The hardest part of any PR Manager’s job is the fact that you are pretty much trying to keep everyone happy all the time. And we all know that’s impossible, right?

Well, some people truly can work miracles and make sure that the companies/individuals they’re representing are satisfied with the media coverage they’re receiving, while the media is satisfied with the communication being conducted… all with a perfectly-pearly smile to boot.

So, if you’re well-groomed, hard-working, tenacious and like the adrenalin rush that comes with mediating delicate situations, you could earn big bucks by working in public relations.

How much can you make:

The average public relations manager earns £33,608 per year.


Wedding planner

Wedding planner talking to bride

Let’s just be brutally honest right off the bat – very few people make consistently good choices when it comes to their wedding day. In some cases, the dress may be perfect, but the cake is an absolute aesthetic disaster. Or maybe the décor is on fleek, but the bridal bouquet looks like a four-year-old plucked it from the garden.

In some cases, these less than perfect features are purely accidental, but in other cases it was actually the result of a CHOICE made by the bride (or groom).

So, as a wedding planner, you need to help guide the proceedings in a classy direction as politely as possible. Firstly, you don’t want to offend the bride, because she’ll be the one approving your pay check at the end of the day. But, you also can’t upset any of the service providers, as their happiness will probably ensure their best work. Which, in turn, will obviously ensure a happy bride.

It really is a thankless job. Yet, if you get a kick out of romance and know how to make everyone feel like a million bucks at all times, you were probably born to be a wedding planner.

How much can you make:

Wedding planners make an average of £17,304 per year. However, if you start your own business, you could probably make a more substantial cut.


Beauty therapist

Beauty therapist

Okay, admittedly some people like beauty therapists who say things like they are. For instance: “Oh Lordy! I can see you haven’t had your eyebrows done in years. But we’ll fix that up right away, dear. Don’t you worry!”

However, some of us prefer a slightly softer and more polite approach. Part of the art of beauty therapy (and similar professions) is probably being able to read your clients and deciding which approach is best to take.

There is a case to be made for always starting off on a polite note and, as you get to know a client, relaxing into a bit more honesty.

How much can you make:

Beauty therapists make an average of £7.29 per hour.


Tour Guide

Museum tour guide

Any successful tour guide will probably be able to attest to the fact that the one trait you need to have down pat is being polite. At all times and to everyone.

Whether you’re showing cranky geriatrics around the countryside or accompanying a family with bored Generation Z teens in tow, you need to remain unruffled no matter what.

How much can you make:

Tour guides make an average of £18,313 per year. However, if you’ve been in the game for a while and offer niche tours, you could make quite a bit extra.


Flight Attendant

Smiling flight attendant helping child with seatbelt

When it comes to being polite in service, flight attendants are – no doubt – deserving of a knighthood!

In many ways, their jobs combine all the others mentioned here and often also come with some unwanted groping and ogling from inappropriate customers.

While it probably isn’t the most pleasant job in the world, it has the definite up side of allowing you to travel and see a bit more of the world than you would in a boring old office cubicle.

How much can you make:

The average flight attendant makes £15,936 per year.

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