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Apps that can earn you money quickly

Luckily nowadays we are used to using marketplaces, platforms on which people with something to offer, whether it is a skill or their time, manual help or their own creations, come together in the same place as the individuals looking for these services involving no third parties.

The demand comes from high costs associated with hiring a company to do certain tasks, when hiring an individual who is recommended as being just as knowledgeable costs much less. These platforms work using referral programs and reviews, as the customer opinion has never been more important and people have never been more keen on sharing it than now. Through this system it is fast and easy to build yourself a repuation and start making some extra cash.

Below we have listed a couple of Apps and Websites on which you can register and start building a reputation for being the best handyman, or the best dog sitter, advertiser or anything you want really! Earning a little more cash has never been so easy!


Who doesn’t like dogs? But, more than anything, who wouldn’t like to babysit dogs for money? Instead of having to create your own network of people needing dog sitting services, register on and get started. The app is straightforward, just create your profile, wait for people to come to you and enjoy the secure automated payments.

Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit

You know when you need to put together your Ikea furniture but end up having to pay for a handyman that costs more than the actual piece of furniture? How frustrating! TaskRabbit is a convenient app which you can create a profile on and offer small services such as the ability to build Ikea furniture or install someone internet, repair house electronics, etc. This way people in your neighboorhood who need assistance for these tasks can get in contact with you rather than paying the high costs of calling a professional.



In case you didn’t know yet, the world is facing a harsh housing crisis, and this is primarily affecting students. offers student housing all over the world for short and long-term periods. Let’s say you are going to travel abroad and want to help students to do the same. You can do just that while making some extra money than put up your spare room on! You can also find your accommodation abroad through this same platform.


Upwork is a website on which you can advertise your skill as a freelancer although, unlike task rabbit, you are required to have some qualifications. Instead being hired by an individual you might be employed by a company, to do things like designs, help with accounting, translations, and many other things which many companies do not require full-time employees for and so search for remote freelancers all over the world.



Etsy is a paltform where you can share your own creations. You can find small things such as jewelry, handbags, art, clothing, toys and much more all of which is handmade by individuals all over the world. If you are a creative type this is a perfect way to combine your talents and passion with earning some money. Etsy delivers all over the world therefore you would be reaching an international audience!

Wherever you go in the world, don’t panic, you will be able to start making an income through these apps while looking for a full-time job. You don’t need any particular set of skills or qualification but only need to be willing to provide a service for which there is demand. The good thing is you don’t need to know anyone to get started or need to do anything more than sign up and let people come to you. This is also a great way of meeting people!




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These are some great ideas, I used to use Etsy for selling handmade jewelry and made a decent amount of money from it!

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