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Are you a student? Get paid for your opinion!

MoneyMagpie team 1st Dec 2022 No Comments

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This is a paid article on behalf of The Opinion Panel Community.

Are you a student? Get paid for your opinion! 

Are you coming to the end of your first term at Uni? Perhaps you are in your final year of university, coming to the time to start your thesis or dissertation. Either way, it is likely you are feeling the financial strain of being a student. 

Being a student in even the best of economic climates is tough on your bank account. Funds are low, super noodles become your go-to meal, and any spare money you do have goes toward bus rides to seminars and lectures, or the occasional train journey home to see the parents. 

Earning extra money can seem daunting. You are bogged under with essays, research and reading. Getting a part time job may seem out of the realm of possibility, with those who do manage to bag a part-time job struggling to spin all their plates at once. Between education, working, friends, socialising and having time to yourself, it can feel hard to juggle. 

But fear not, The Opinion Panel Community is here to help you earn some extra cash to get you through. All you need to do? Give your honest opinions. 


Our review

Our Magpie Izzy, our assistant content editor here at MoneyMagpie.com, was tasked with trying out Opinion Panel to give an honest account of her experience. She is 24, has recently graduated from the University of Brighton, and is a big advocate for surveys as a way of getting a little extra money every month. 

Here’s what she had to say:

“The sign-up process for Opinion Panel was so straight-forward and took only moments. I managed to do it during my 15-minute tea break at work. Plus, I even got my housemate to sign-up as it looked so promising. 

“I got my first survey within an hour or so of signing up and filling in my details. It was worth £1 and took about 15 minutes to complete. The survey itself was actually really enjoyable as it was relevant to me. I then received another survey that day, worth 50p. It took the same amount of time as the first, but it didn’t feel long at all. I did it as I watched TV after work. 

“I’ve now been using Opinion Panel for two weeks and have earned almost £7 from various surveys. They are quick enough to do during breaks at work, whilst I’m waiting for the washing machine to finish my laundry and as I said before, I love doing them on an evening as I catch up on my favourite TV shows.  

get paid for your opinion

“My flatmate had a similar experience to me. She got plenty of great surveys and it has almost become a bonding experience between us, as we chat about how many surveys we have managed to complete. When we get to £25, I’m excited to use the voucher towards Christmas presents, or helping me out financially in the gloomy days of January when money is tight after the festive period. 

“I also really enjoy reading the articles on the site. Many of which are written by members, which makes it super relatable. Reading the opinions of others in my age group has made me feel reassured in areas of worry, such as relationships, and I recently read a fascinating piece about body image and confidence. Just knowing other young people have the same worries or thoughts as you can be so reassuring. It really is a community. 

“Overall, I would really recommend Opinion Panel to young people. If you make a habit of checking it when you have a spare moment, you can rack up the points before you know it. Plus, the sign-up bonus of £10 makes reaching the £25 goal seem more achievable. It also feels great knowing my opinions are making a difference.” 


What is Opinion Panel?

Opinion Panel is the UK’s largest youth research community, founded in 2004. You can earn rewards whilst getting your voice heard. Join over 140,000 other young people in the Opinion Panel community, and start earning. When you are not taking part in research, you can debate with other members, get advice or even publish an article on a topic close to your heart. 

It can be extremely frustrating when it comes to earning money online. Many survey sites promise tons of cash for mere minutes of your time, only for no surveys to appear, or they come once in a blue moon. Many survey websites also provide plenty of surveys for very little money, or that ask for personal information or require sign-up to another site (never do either of these things!). 

However, this is where Opinion Panel is totally different. Instead of signing up to multiple websites online and getting no comeback from them, Opinion Panel brings you one portal, in one place, with multiple surveys. 

The best part? You actually get surveys. A good handful of them, bringing you a decent little pot of cash on the side, to help you pay for those expensive textbooks – and something other than instant noodles for dinner! 


Signing up

If you are aged 13 to 30, you can sign up for Opinion Panel today. Whether you are thinking about applying to university in the future, are currently there, have just graduated or are undertaking higher education, your opinions are valued. 

opinion panel logoThe sign-up process for Opinion Panel is extremely easy and take around five minutes. Of course, you are asked to give your name, email address and a few other bits of personal and log in information, but there are broader questions asked too. These questions include asking about your educational status and a few similar questions. These are to ensure you are able to sign up. 

These are all relevant, as the answers you give help to match you to surveys suited to you. This means you can give truthful opinions on topics you know and understand, and get the most out of your experience.  

Once you have signed up, that’s it – you can start earning and getting surveys specifically for you. Plus, you get 1,000 bonus points just for signing up – that’s £10 worth of vouchers! You can sign up here. 


The rewards

You can earn up to £5 per survey and as much as £70 for longer online and in-person discussion groups. You can earn anywhere from 50 to 500 points (50p to £5) per survey. There are also some slightly different research opportunities available that pay up to £30 for a series of surveys! 

Once you have earned £25, you get emailed a unique voucher code, which you can spend across hundreds of high street and online stores. These include Amazon, Ticketmaster, SportsDirect.com, House of Fraser and many more. 

Plus, Opinion Panel are always giving away goodies to their members. These include Kindles, iPads, experience days and products to test before they are even released in shops! Writing a fab article could also earn you a solid £50. Not too shabby. 

As previously mentioned, you get £10 worth of points just for signing up, so you are almost half way to your first £25 voucher already! Once you redeem £25 worth of points, you get another 1,000 points added to your account straight away! 

Opinion Panel have already given away over £1.5 million in vouchers to their members. If you want a slice of the pie, you can sign up here. 


What members are saying

The reviews for Opinion Panel on Trustpilot speak for themselves. Rated 4.2 out of 5, there are many happy people using Opinion Panel to make some extra money.  

One five-star review reads: “Genuine site for those who are looking for [a] side hustle, managed to claim the voucher twice since I started a few months ago.” 

Another reads: “I’ve been using opinion panel for the past few years and I can honestly say it’s the best survey site out there! They offer relevant surveys to me that are quick and easy, and I have earned so much money from completing them. The customer service team are also so helpful and quickly answer and queries I have.” 


Fancy earning extra on the side? If you are aged 13 to 30, sign up now and start getting rewarded for your opinions! 


DisclaimerMoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.

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