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Get paid £20 an hour as a professional competition enterer

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Are you one of those people who loves participating in competitions? Bored of your 9-5? Well, we may have just the thing for you! Believe it or not, a job has launched where all you do is try to win as many competition as possible.

Do you have a knack for sniffing out the best competitions online?

Are you a born winner?

Well, then what are you waiting for?


What is it?

An online jobs board has launched a new service for time-strapped consumers who want to pay people to enter competitions for them. Professionals will be required to find competitions in magazines, newspapers, social media and promotional material and enter them on behalf of clients. The service launches thanks to increased demand for professional ‘compers’, as it’s revealed many can quit their jobs thanks to competition success.

Who is it for?

Well people who like to or are good at winning competitions, obviously. Believe it or not, there are loads of people out there who don’t have time to enter all the available competitions, but really want to.


Can I become a professional competition enterer?

People who sign up as a Pro Competition Enterer will have to provide a photo ID and have internet access. Pros must find at least five competitions an hour and, if possible, enter them. Higher prize values must be prioritised, and win bonuses can be discussed between professionals and their clients.

The people hiring you for the job will provide guidelines, such as full name, date of birth, email address – this can be a new one for competitions specifically – and the type of prizes they are most keen to win. So everything is taken care of.

Celebrating professional competition win

How do I apply?

Right here.

The service comes after there was a huge rise in demand for it, following’s ‘Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Player’ service launch back in April of this year, where they gave members of the public a chance to pay Pro Players to collect McDonald’s Monopoly stickers for them, to win the top prizes.


What if I want to hire a professional competition enterer?

That’s also possible!

Members of the public who want to hire a professional to enter competitions for them will be able to request a Pro Competition Enterer from anywhere in the UK here.


other odd jobs from bark

Kai Feller, co-founder of, explains what they have to offer.

“We’ve launched other bespoke services over the last 12 months for people who want something slightly unconventional. They’ve gone so well that we’re open to quirkier ones that will assist consumers in all areas of their lives.

“Members of the public can win so many different prizes with competitions; holidays, technology, money – pretty much anything, but the main obstacle is putting time and effort into it. Professional ‘compers’ are even able to quit their jobs and enter competitions for themselves full-time.

“This is where Pro Competition Enterers can help. They will be able to put the time and effort required into entering competitions and hopefully, win prizes for their clients. As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it, to win it.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Never heard of this before now.


Let’s give our personal details to someone we don’t know, or have ever met, online. What could possibly go wrong?? -.-


This is the biggest pile or crock I’ve ever read. It’s pretty much impossible to win enough to cover £20 an hour even if you comp full-time. £2 would be very good going.

William Gould
William Gould

What absolute garbage – there’s no such thing as a “professional comper” and people don’t quit their jobs to enter competitions full time.
All the newspaper stuff you read about is all made up. You may have one year of winning loads, but that’s not the norm.
I’ve been entering competitions for over 40 years, and last years I entered thousands and thousands of competitions. My prize haul total was approx. £1,500 at rrp prices. Just about enough to pay my Council Tax….


As someone who has loved entering competitions for 30+ years I find the idea of paying someone to do it for me, awful! Likewise I wouldn’t want to be paid to do comps for someone else. The point of entering comps is for the fun of it, finding and choosing competitions with prizes you’d really love to have if lucky, an element of chance, and an opportunity in many cases to actually do something creative and be judged on that as a worthy winner! Paying someone just highlights imho a selfishness, a greed, a ‘want something for nothing’ mentality, a… Read more »

Tim Bain
Tim Bain


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