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May 24

Become a professional McDonald’s Monopoly Player for £45/ph

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This job involves you getting paid to eat McDonald’s.

I repeat, this job involves you getting paid to eat McDonald’s.

McDonald’s monopoly always draws crowds of dedicated players, as well as loads of people who are simply hungry. Well, apparently some people take their McDonald’s Monopoly very seriously and are willing to hire someone to travel to McDonald’s restaurants for them to increase their chances of winning.


What does the job require?

McDonalds Drive Through

All you have to do is go to McDonald’s restaurants in your local area, buy McDonald’s Monopoly eligible items, collect the stickers for your client, and repeat. The food is a bonus.

Ideally you’ll need a car so you can travel around and explore McDonald’s restaurants outside of your immediate area.


How much do I get paid?

Man drinking McDonalds branded drink outside restaurant

£45 an hour. Although that’s the minimum since the website advertising the position,, allows you to set your own price.


How does it work?

McDonalds restaurant

People who sign up to be a Pro Monopoly Player will have to provide a photo ID, be subject to a full background check, and be willing to travel to McDonald’s restaurants in their local area. As well as the hourly rate, which includes the cost of two large meals, and travel expenses, there is an option for Pro Players and customers to agree bonuses should prizes be won.

The client will tell you how they’d like you to carry out the work – this include the number of meals you must buy, which prizes they are looking for, and how much they’d like to spend on McDonald’s food items, as well as a number of other questions relating to the service.


What are this year’s McDonald’s Monopoly prizes?

McDonalds takeaway box

£100k in cash – four available

MINI Cooper – 15 available

A trip for four to Universal Orlando – 20 available

Xbox One games console – 400 available

NOW TV smart box and a one-year pass – 10,000 available

£250 experience with Red Letter Days – 800 available


Sounds great, how do I sign up?

Little girl eating McDonalds burget in restaurant

Members of the public can sign up as Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Players on the website here.


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2 years ago

I’d love to be paid to eat McDonalds, though sadly there are none in my local area.

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