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Feb 08

Best Money Making Methods in WoW Classic

Reading Time: 4 mins

Like any RPG, World of Warcraft Classic needs good money and item management to be successful on your journey to optimal progression. If you haven’t started playing the game yet, one way to acquire video games is through cheap cd keys that you can buy at discounted price. There are many money-making methods in WoW Classic, but we will discuss the best ways that we know of to make money fast and easy in WoW Classic.


Completing Dailies for Gold

Dailies were introduced in the Burning Crusade release, and they are essentially various quests that match well with the type of game mode you are running. There are dailies associated with dungeons, PVP events, professions, and more. They will show a blue exclamation point above their head on the map.

Upon completing those daily quests, you can earn gold and other valuable rewards, making this a very resourceful way for getting a boost in gold and currencies while completing other vital tasks in the game.


Earning Gold in Classic Professions

Professions play a massive role in earning special items that help make your gaming sessions more manageable. They do very well to provide the player with gold-earning opportunities. Getting professions as early as possible is the best way to optimize earnings from this game mechanic.

For example, picking either two of the Mining, Herbalism, or Skinning professions will allow you to earn so much more money in your playthrough. Jewelcrafting was added with Burning Crusade and has helped many players make tons of gold. However, the significant professions shouldn’t be the only ones you sought. Secondary professions provide money earning potential, too.


Defeating Swathes of Enemies to Farm Gold

There are always packs of enemies to beat up on to gather materials and gold when you’re low on something. The subject here is money, so there is no shortage of enemy groups to pound on for those extra coin droppings.

The cycle of killing a group of enemies and leaving the area to respawn is known as farming, or at least it’s one farming method. There are many forms of farming in an MMORPG or traditional RPG. However, this one involves being as destructive as possible to the local population of monsters.

The method of beast farming varies, as well, depending on your goal. You can seek to aim for uncommon drops to sell at the auction house, or you can focus on a more reliable method like gathering coins and crafting materials to make gear and clothing. Regardless, farming can be very effective no matter your level. You can do it alone or with friends making it a versatile method of making money in WoW Classic.


Use Addons to Make Gold in WoW Classic

Addons help players streamline the approach to making gold in WoW Classic, and there are several ones from which to choose.


To start, the TradeSkillMaster is arguably the best addon tool in the list of usable addons for players in WoW Classic. If you are looking to become a master money maker, this is the one for you. It comes with a suite of usable tools that cover virtually all opportunities between crafting and auctioning.

Of course, it will take some time to unlock its full potential, and new players might have difficulty grasping the concepts of all the combined addons at once. However, this will expedite the process of earning gold very well.


The Auctionator is a tool that optimizes the earning potential for WoW Classic players who are “gold-conscious.” Smart Auctionator users will use it to take advantage of undercuts within the Auction House, post multiple auctions simultaneously, and quickly buy items in stacks to save time and even money.


The GatherMate2 addon goes perfectly with WoW Classic players who have a gathering profession. This addon ensures that you never miss an herb or a mining node. All nodes that you’ve already picked and left alone will show on both the mini and world map. It makes the gathering process more efficient, faster, and more manageable.


Additional Tips for Farming Gold in WoW Classic

Farming will always be an excellent opportunity for earning gold since it’s a repeatable and measurable method for making gold in WoW Classic. You want to be aware of some general tips when doing it that could help in any farming session.

  • Try your best to learn only the skills you need from a class trainer. This will mitigate the resources and time used to gather everything instead of focusing on the ones that will help you do things faster and more efficiently.
  • A common problem in WoW Classic is the limited bag space. When farming, you want to make sure you have as much space as possible in your reserves. Therefore, you should always start your farm with a bank alt. It’s straightforward, but it comes in handy.
  • Whip out “ye ol’” fishing rod and lure. Fishing is an underrated method of gathering gold and other valuable items. You can also sell Oily Blackmouth, Stonescale Eel, and Firefin Snapper, which provide a solid amount of gold earnings.
  • Faction discounts for flight masters are overlooked by many players looking to earn gold successfully. Try your best to establish this before you start your farms. If it isn’t accessible, make sure that’s one of your goals so that you aren’t missing out on the earning potential provided by faction discounts.
  • Following the usual routes can be tempting, but always remember to gather all the nodes by swimming down lakes. It’s easy to follow the given path, but every little bit of gathering counts when you are farming.


Other Ways to Make Money in WoW Classic

So you’ve spent hours and days and weeks grinding WoW Classic for gold. Farming is practical, but it gets time-consuming and can leave many wondering if it was worth it. That’s because you’re thinking about your time in the real world. Did you know that you can translate that time spent playing WoW Classic to real-world value by trading your in-game currency and items?


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.


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