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May 27

Brits to spend £823 million on jubilee celebrations

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There’s a royal buzz in the air as the UK prepares for the Queen’s platinum jubilee weekend. The excitement of a four-day weekend, seeing friends and celebrating our longest reigning monarch is an exciting prospect. But how much are Brits going to spend on these jubilee celebrations?

There are currently almost 1,500 public events set to take place. A staggering 1,775 street parties and private events are registered to take place over the celebration period.

According to The Guardian, there are 240 events taking place in and around London, 208 in Manchester, 133 near Birmingham and 98 in Scotland. There are 21 registered events in Northern Ireland and two in Guernsey. The excitement and patriotism is widespread.

The cost

These events will come at a cost, though, and people across the UK are expected to splash the cash to celebrate Her Majesty. It is estimated the country will spend a grand total of £823 million during the bank holiday weekend. This is an average spend of £83 each on food, drink and themed decorations.

This is almost a whopping 75% more than the £408 million Brits planned to spend celebrating the royal wedding in 2018.

According to John Lewis, searches for “jubilee” are up 55% this week. Similarly, Waitrose have said sales of Pimm’s in their stores and online have risen by 260% compared to the same period last year, and searches for “jubilee” are up by a huge 176%.

Adding to the signs Brits are planning to hold parties are the stats showing searches for jubilee specific food and drink have risen by 114% compared to last year. Garden party recipe searches have risen by over half (59%). This is shown even further by searches for outdoor chairs increasing by a third in the last month alone. Bunting searches are up by 31%.

Union Jack themed items such as bunting, and cake stands are flying off the shelves. B&Q has announced the sale of over 100,000 metres on bunting and Sainsbury’s has reported the sale of patriotic cake stands has risen by 2,783% week on week.

Limited edition memorabilia such as dolls, coins, plates and badges have also increased in sales. Snow globes, mini-sculptures of the Queen and her corgis, and even corgi-shaped saltshakers have been selling across the country. Bobble heads and royal games have also been gaining popularity.

Are you taking part in any jubilee celebrations? Let us know in the comments.


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