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Sep 24

Buy Theresa May memorabilia as an investment

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You May not like Theresa May nor her apparent commitment to bringing about the end of this world as we know it, but there is still one reason why you should start stocking up on Theresa May t-shirts and novelty key rings.

And that is because, one day, probably very far in the future, it May (#sorrynotsorry) actually be worth something!

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but memorabilia from previous prime ministers such as Margaret Thatcher and Gordon Brown now sells for insane amounts!

Read on for more information on all the Theresa May tat you never knew you needed.




THeresa May T-shirt graphic

Politicians all have their moment and when that eventually ends it’s sometimes kinda sad. It can also, however, be a very happy occasion, especially if you find out that your old Edward Heath autograph or Tony Blair book is now worth hundreds of pounds.

Theresa May not be doing fantastically in the polls right now but there is no denying that when her time in office comes to a close, she will have presided over incredibly significant changes to the UK and will go down in history.

As Mark Mason points out, the same has proven to be true for many other politicians of the past as now their knickknacks are worth serious money.

While signed copies of Thatcher’s memoirs go for a couple of hundred quid, pictures of her with the Queen, Ted Heath, Jim Callaghan, John Major and Tony Blair, signed by all the PMs, have achieved up to £1,500.

According to Matthew Haley of Bonhams, however, British people don’t tend to care that much about their former prime ministers and are put to shame by Americans who are willing to fork out thousands of dollars for memorabilia.

Haley tells The Spectator that “there’s a certain reverence about US presidents that you don’t get with prime ministers. Apart from Churchill, of course.”

This might mean that the Trump hat that you ordered as a joke a few years ago might also be worth something in the future if you hold on to it.

And, if you were once roped into writing to the president for a school project, if you have anything like a “congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah” card, in a few years, it could have a lot more meaning to it than just sentimental value.


So what should you be getting your hands on?

Theresa May Mug

John Crace has some pretty good suggestions as to what would be good Maymorabilia investments.

His ideas range from postcards of her sitting alone at an EU summit personally signed by the Four Pot Plants, to t-shirts with slogans like “strong and stable”, “no magic money tree” and “nothing has changed” on them.

Should you be unable to find gems such as those, however, here’s a list of some of the items you should start collecting (you never know, they may be your way of offsetting the Brexit burn):

  • Signatures are always a win if you can catch the PM out and about
  • Autographed books are another classic and you could even make it interesting by asking her to sign a history of the Labour Party… that might not be the best way to bond though
  • Keyrings
  • Mugs with her mug on
  • Did you know there are even Theresa May duvet covers out there? You probably didn’t want to
  • And the best until last: Theresa May’s face on your pants


Have you sold any political memorabilia off for a fantastic price? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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2 years ago

Very interesting article and something I hadn’t thought about.

2 years ago

It’s actually kindled my interest in politicians

2 years ago
Reply to  Fred


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