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Mar 20

Can I Use A Merchant Cash Advance To Expand My Business?

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Obviously, if you want to have a successful business, you want it to grow as much as possible. The more time, effort, and money you put into it, the more it will expand naturally, and you need to help it out. As you become more and more successful, your business will come to outgrow the staff you’re employing, the space you’re currently in, perhaps even the products or services you’re selling. The more you grow, the more you have to adjust to your new status.

That, however, often requires cash, and when your popularity precedes your budget, that can be a problem. But it doesn’t have to be, if you get a merchant cash advance from Merchant Cash Express to help you expand your business. Invest in all the aspects that will make your business successful and reap the rewards, once the time for returns comes.


You Can Use A Merchant Cash Advance To…Hire New Staff

Carpenter with his team of employees

There comes a point when you can’t do everything on your own anymore, and you need to hire staff to help you out. You may already have a small team that you rely on, but as your business grows organically, you start feeling the need to add more people. Now, while additional employees may certainly be needed at this point in time, it is very possible that your current budget does not allow for this kind of expense. You probably don’t have New Employee Money tucked away anywhere. If you would like to make a budget for it, you may want to use a budgeting tool like this one offered by Citizens Advice.

However, when it comes to expansion, you need to invest, and in order to invest and then recoup this money, sometimes you need to first get it from somewhere else. That “somewhere else” may very well be a lender offering merchant cash advances. This way, you can get the money you need and hire your seasonal or permanent staff, and then just repay the money out of your earnings.


You Can Use A Merchant Cash Advance To…Rent A Larger Space

Woman standing in her own shop

Another thing that comes with time and success is the necessity of a larger space. You can’t expand your business and take over the world from the tiny closet you first rented when you started your business. Instead, you should start looking for a bigger, better, brighter, and more updated space.

Think about what your needs are and what kind of activities you will be engaging in in this space. Will you be receiving clients here? Do you need offices? Is it a retail space? Do you need space in the back to keep stock, or will it all be in the showroom? The new space may need to tick more boxes than you thought in the beginning, and that can mean a bigger expense that you may not be ready to make, but that is somewhat necessary.

A merchant cash advance can pay for your business’ new home and give you the fresh start you need in the new chapter of your business success. Make sure you take into consideration all of your requirements before picking the place.


You Can Use A Merchant Cash Advance To…Purchase Furniture Or Appliances

Barbers shop

You can’t grow and expand without the necessary equipment, or the look to go with it. Especially if you’re providing a service ‑ say, like a coffee shop or a hair salon ‑ you need to be able to provide the newest and best services and merchandise to your customers.

Sometimes, that will mean investing in some fancy, new coffee machines or some gadget for making creative foam designs or whatever the latest fad is, or maybe you need to upgrade your hair driers and switch to a less damaging kind of hair colour. Other times, it’s just a case of changing the colour of the walls and buying some new chairs for the waiting area.

But all of these require funds, and that’s not something you have ‑ at least, not for this purpose. But if a beautification and upgrade budget doesn’t quite exist yet, what is the next best thing? A business cash advance, of course! That will be enough to get you the money you need to breathe new life into your business and attract new clients.


You Can Use A Merchant Cash Advance To…Introduce Or Upgrade Products

Couple using laptop in their cafe/bakery

And speaking of novelty and all things new and improved, you never want to be the shop that offers “old-fashioned” or stale products, whether we’re talking about pretzels or haircuts. You’ve always got to be prepared to introduce new products or techniques or upgrade and improve them. Especially if there is a demand for it or your competitors are doing it, you have to catch up, because otherwise you will be left behind.

So be on the lookout for the next big thing after the cronut if you’re a bakery, check out all the latest hair colour trends, and be sure to offer the newest type of coffee all the kids are drinking. But since these new products are bought with money and you haven’t budgeted for that, you may run into a bit of trouble.

As you can see, a business that’s expanding certainly needs additional funds from somewhere in order to cover all the new expenses meant to improve your small company. A merchant cash advance can help you pay for additional employees, new gadgets, or even a shiny, new space to conduct your business in.

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1 year ago

People, please understand that there is no such thing as credit. This is a legalised scam. The banks never lend you a penny and then charge you for doing so

2 years ago

Some useful business tips.

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