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Can matched betting really provide steady online income?

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You’ve probably heard a lot about matched betting recently. This technique is gaining popularity with students, stay at home mums, freelancers and anyone looking to work from home by earning money online.

And you may be wondering if matched betting is the latest way to earn an income online, or if there is some kind of a catch.  The short answer is: yes, you can earn a regular income from matched betting by applying the right techniques and strategies.

In this article we look at how matched betting works, and how you can use it to make money online.


What Is Matched Betting?

If you’ve ever wondered how matched betting works, it’s really quite simple. Matched betting takes advantage of the free bet promotions (sign up offers and reload offers) given by bookmakers, and uses these in combination with putting a bet on every outcome of a result. So regardless of the outcome, the value of the free bet will be unlocked.

For example, you sign up with a bookmaker as a new customer and you are given a £10 free bet, after you have placed your first £10 bet. You use this free bet, and place another bet for the opposite result, at exactly the same amount and at the same odds. For example you might bet for Man City to win at the bookmaker, and then place a lay bet against Man City (so Man City not to win) at the betting exchange. If Man City win, the bookmaker bet win, if they lose or draw, the exchange bet wins.

After placing this initial qualifying bet, you will now have a new free £10 bet. Now when you repeat the matching process using this free bet amount, you make a profit.

You can apply the exact same technique using “reload” offers, the free bets bookmakers give when encouraging existing customers to continue to place bets.


How Matched Betting Generates Profits

Can matched betting really provide steady online income?By using this technique and repeating it over and over, you can generate a steady stream of income. On average, people using matched betting generate around 80-90% of the value of the free bet amount back as profit. A lot of people find that they can generate upwards of £800 in profits from matched betting on the signup offers alone. If you put the time in, the rewards are there.


What Are The Risks Of Matched Betting?

Matched betting is actually very low risk. It’s not gambling, but rather a specific strategy which when applied correctly will bring sure-fire results. The big difference between matched betting and gambling is that matched betting works on mathematical equations, whereas gambling relies on chance. If you apply matched betting techniques correctly there is absolutely no chance involved. The outcome of the sporting event you bet on is completely irrelevant.

By placing equal bets each way on opposite results, it is impossible to be out of pocket. The strategy then comes into play by using these bets to generate free incentive bets, and leveraging these for more bets.

The only risk that matched betters need to be aware of is not following the process. It can be easy to make mistakes if you are unfamiliar with betting or sports, or of you don’t trust the process and try to take shortcuts.

Some people also worry that matched betting may get them into trouble, either legally or in regards to taxes. However, this process is 100% legal: if you are eligible to open an online betting account (which is every person over 18 in the UK and Ireland) you are allowed to participate in matched betting. What’s more, profits generated from matched betting is not subject to tax.


How To Generate Steady, Long-Term Income

Can matched betting really provide steady online income?With hundreds of online bookmakers in the UK, you can generate significant income using the sign up offers alone. Once the signups have been exhausted you can move on to reload offers.

It is possible to generate a steady online income using matched betting, by working with a sufficient number of bookmakers and effectively tracking new reload offers as they become available. To do this effectively, it is best to take advantage of the number of online tools and resources available.

There are also some great matched betting services out there which are invaluable in helping teach you the in’s and out’s and giving you the support and help needed.

Profit Accumulator is the biggest and most trusted matched betting site in the UK. They have hundreds of step-by-step video guides, 7 day-a-week customer service (with phone support) and also the relevant software that helps make the process as easy as possible (and also helps you maximise your profits, by automatically finding close matches between the bookmaker and exchange odds).

The best thing about Profit Accumulator however is the forum. Its brimming with information and helpful members to assist you on your matched betting journey. If you have any questions just tag admin or moderators and you will get a speedy response.

Matched betting is a safe and reliable way to generate income by working online. By applying the right strategies and using the tools and resources at your disposal, it is possible to generate a good regular income online through matched betting.



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