Dec 13

Christmas is basically here…is your wallet ready?!

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There is no escaping Christmas! In fact, these days Christmas usually starts in October and we have to steel ourselves against the onslaught of Christmas music radiating from every high street shop.

Now, if you can tolerate Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ on a continuous loop for three months then you have more mental fortitude than us. However, there’s one thing that none of us can escape at Christmas – and that is the sheer cost of everything. From dangerously alcoholic Christmas puddings to inexplicably expensive Christmas crackers, there is no such thing as a ‘cheap’ Christmas item.

Despite the onslaught of expenses, the majority of us will strive to make the most of Christmas and make it an enjoyable time for our loved ones. To do that, there is one key ingredient that is needed……money. Yes, that one little thing that rules our lives and is particularly noticeable around the Christmas period.

The majority of us will look for additional forms of income to cover this time of the year, as opposed to the alternative of tightening our belts. Because, whilst maybe we sometimes should, it is hard to tell your loved ones that they won’t be getting that shiny new ‘thing’ this Christmas.


How to get more money

So, the question then becomes, what can be done about this? Where can we make a bit of extra cash to cover off some of the expense of Christmas? Well, there are the obvious options – extra shifts at work, scrabbling around for the best interest rates on your savings or heavily cutting down on spending prior to Christmas. All of these are decent logical options, but they all carry downsides.

Extra shifts at work is not always a possibility for those that work in an industry with strict working hours. Interest rates remain in the toilet and unless you’ve recently won the lottery your money won’t be exponentially growing in any savings account. Cutting down on expenses also assumes that you’re wasteful enough to the extent that cutting down would have a noticeable impact on household income.

Luckily there’s a middle ground. Something which earns you a decent monthly income, can be done without leaving your bed (assuming you have a laptop), generates more money than any savings account will and doesn’t require you to cut back. That middle ground is called ‘Matched Betting’ – and no, it is not gambling!


So what is matched betting?

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve already come across the term (matched betting) before. If you’ve paid no attention to it so far but the majority of this article resonated with you, then now really is the time to take another look.

Having reservations about something with Betting in the title is perfectly understandable. But those that have tried it, will attest to its validity and ability to improve your financial situation – regardless of your goals. Many readers from MoneyMagpie are already doing it and it’s free to try, so there really is no reason not to give it a try. Also, it beats the hell out of extra shifts at work and sacrificing that takeaway that we’re all guilty of occasionally craving.

MoneyMagpie are partnered with Heads&Heads, who provide a matched betting service to their members. They are well worth a go and they have written a full guide (which can be read here) that you can have a look at before you dive in.

All of us like extra cash and none of us like worrying about money at Christmas. With first month profits averaging out at £495 (for around 24 hours of work, in the comfort of your own home) for new Heads&Heads members, Matched Betting must be seen as a solution to covering Christmas expenses.

For full access to Heads&Heads and the huge profits available, use the discount code below for a MoneyMagpie exclusive discount – giving you 30 days Premium Membership for just £5!

Discount Code: MAGPIE5

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