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Cash for Trash? Currys extend scheme to your doorstep

Vicky Parry 29th Mar 2023 No Comments

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Last year, tech giant Currys has launched a ‘Cash for Trash’ trial scheme. A year on, the scheme is still going. This is where customers can take their unwanted or unused electronic items to their nearest Currys store in exchange for a voucher worth at least £5 to use on their next in-store or online purchase.

Now, the UK’s largest tech retailer is bringing the opportunity directly to your door, announcing the new door-to-door recycling service, ‘Currys Collects’. So, what is this new initiative and what does it involve?


the scheme

This new initiative follows on from the success of the Cash for Trash scheme, which has seen over 46,500 tonnes of electrical goods, household appliances and tech recycled in the last year. However, understanding there may be thousands of potential customers unable to come into the store, Currys are bring the scheme to people’s doors.

Disregarded electrical items and tech is the fastest-growing waste stream in the UK. A whopping 155,000 tonnes of e-waste is thrown into household bins every year. We are one of the world’s largest producers of e-waste, producing 23.9kg per head on average.

With 190,000 tonnes of unused electrical items being hoarded by UK households at this very moment, Currys Collects is designed to raise awareness of how to correctly dispose of tech devices.


What will be collected?

This new scheme couldn’t come at a better time. New research has revealed that 76% of people feel guilty for not recycling tech properly. Another 38% admitted that they do not know how to dispose of electrical goods correctly, either. Shockingly, more than one in three 18 to 34 year olds (35%), said they had no idea small batteries, such as those from a TV remote, could be recycled. An estimated 600 million batteries end up in landfill each year.

The pilot scheme, currently taking place in Bradford sees a Currys Collects electric van driving around the city, collecting unwanted tech from people’s front doors. Additionally, the bank will park up at the local community centre. This is for drop-in centres, where experts will answer questions the public may have, as well as collect tech in exchange for £5 cash for trash vouchers.

The items being collected include a huge array of items, including anything that uses wiring or batteries, such as batteries, chargers, cables, beauty appliances such as hair straighteners and dryers. The scheme also happily collects kitchen appliances, including kettles and toasters.

cash for trash

what currys are saying

Mandeep Gobindpuri, Head of Circular Economy at Currys said:

We know that people want to recycle – our survey found that 84% of the nation said they would recycle their old tech – but more than half either don’t know how to or lack the means to do so. Our new service aims to address both issues by collecting and educating the public. And what better time than spring to look into your cupboards for all those idle cables, outdated phones, broken remotes and used batteries. Virtually anything that houses a plug or battery holds value through its materials, no matter how damaged it is. We’re hoping to make it as easy as possible to recycle your unwanted or broken tech – and in a small way, help us live more sustainably.“We are making great progress on educating the nation about tech recycling and going into 2023, Currys Collects takes that one step further by bringing it right to people’s doors. We hope the Currys Collects pilot is a success and that we can eventually take nationwide.’”


Where else can you take unwanted items?

There are other ways to get cash for things like smartphones, satellite navigation systems, speakers, headphones, laptops and cameras. Businesses including CeX, Cash Generator and MoneyMyTech are a good place to start. MoneyMyTech gives people the chance to sell certain unwanted tech goods. All you have to do is review the quote you’re offered, and complete a sequence of steps.

We offer you a guide to is another way of getting cash for your old unwanted CDs here, while WeeeCharity is a not-for-profit UK charity that recycles nearly every kind of electrical item, regardless of condition. They provide these items to businesses, consumers and education facilities in need of them.

Where is my nearest Currys?

Once we have decided what we want to take, literally just take the items to your nearest Currys store. Find out where it is here.

You can also find out more about the Cash for Trash scheme here.

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