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Dec 19

Earn £700 as a Rabble Instructor

Reading Time: 3 mins

Are you an active go-getter seeking to supplement your income?

This new craze may be just the thing for you!

What is Rabble

Rabble was created by elite triathlete Charlotte Roach when her career was ended by a near fatal cycling accident. She has since turned disaster in to an opportunity by taking exercise back to basics and making work outs fun. Rabble sessions incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) within the rules of old school team games, giving players an all-round, effective workout, whilst also making sure everyone has a great time.

The games improve all round fitness really quickly. Sprinting for bases, hurdling dodge balls and catching vortexes for example, all lead to increased speed, agility, coordination, strength and endurance. Players will burn up to 1000 calories and cover up to 8k in one game, but most are too busy having fun to count.

Make Rabble your Career

Rabble has not only been transforming for players but has also provided a new accessible career opportunity. The ability to affordably license the Rabble concept, coupled with the unique training programme, suits personal trainers, PE teachers and back to work parents who want to create a lifestyle business or just add to their income.

There are already Rabble instructors running 3x sessions a week and earning £700 a month from that – a great way of supplementing your income for 2019!

Rabble are currently training 80 instructors a month and are on track to be training 400 a month by the end of 2019.

If you fancy getting involved in the movement, get onboard before the January fitness craze hits town!

How to get started

1. Attend training and get your Rabble Instructor certificate.
Choose between the Online or On-site Training Course to learn everything you need to run your own sessions. You will receive a certificate upon completing the course, as well as access to the Instructor Dashboard.

2. Find a venue and get basic equipment.
Find a location to run your sessions, whether it’s a park or a sports hall. You will also need basic sports equipment (bibs, cones, frisbees, yoga balls). This can be sourced on your own, or provided through their shop.

3. Get your Rabble Club set-up online.
Through your Rabble membership, they’ll set you up on our booking system and provide you with your own webpage and Facebook page for your club.

4. Start playing.
Rabble will help you get started in time for your first session. They will also provide you with free Facebook advertising so you can create your community.

Some more FAQs direct from rabble

Do I need any fitness instructor experience or qualifications?

Nope! They provide you with training and teach you all you need to know to be able to run your own Rabble sessions.

Will I be able to run sessions while having a full-time occupation?

Definitely! Rabble sessions are extremely flexible. Many of their current instructors who have full-time jobs still have time to run Rabble sessions and earn some extra money You’re in control. You can run Rabble sessions whenever you have the time and at any location of your choice!

What do I get with my Instructor membership?

With the monthly £24.99 Instructor membership, you’ll get:
– New Rabble games every month as well as bonus themed games.
– Free Facebook advertising to help spread the word about your sessions.
– Extensive support from the Rabble team.
– Tips and materials to help the marketing of your sessions.

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2 years ago

Sounds like a fun job.

Maria Santafe
Maria Santafe
2 years ago

How much is it to get the license?

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