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Electronic Commerce, why is it having so much success?

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The growth of contemporary marketing has been immense thanks to the advent of technology. Information on goods and services is being exchanged between sellers and potential buyers, popularly known as digital marketing; a congregation of social and professional sites that use the internet to market brands and products to consumers instead of visiting physical shops.

Getting people to sample products creates demand. To complete the curve, it’s essential to develop a supply mechanism to complete the engagement. This is the birth of e-commerce; a platform where buying and selling are transmitted on the internet. As online business arrangements continues to intensify, more and more avenues are created. Currently, e-commerce platform applications do not have physical shops; instead, they sell products from partner shops and receive a commission on the sale as the service fee.

How E-commerce Works

An excellent example of such a platform is Shopify. It creates an avenue where a buyer is linked with a seller wherever they may be worldwide. It’s a sales force conglomeration with over 600,000 businesses on play and traffic of over a million active users.

Entrepreneurs testify to the consistent growth their enterprises have undergone, thanks to this platform. It has features which create seamless business processes; marketing, sales, check-out, payments, and logistics, leaving the consumer to concentrate on purchase and consumption. The platform has overseen over $55 billion exchanged since inception, and the margin keeps growing day in day out. The platform has a blog to share sales and marketing insights and an online store where businesses display their wares.

For companies, the platform has a customised website with numerous themes on display. A business can create a unique domain, ready with SEO services and a technician. It also gathers data on customers and their shopping habits which can help improve the shopping experience. The experience comes with shipping services worldwide through reputable organisations like Shipwire and Amazon. The platform accepts payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, bitcoin and PayPal. In case the good or servicei s not to the satisfaction of the consumer as anticipated, there is a refund mechanism and inventory adjusted automatically.

There is also a Mobile Application to make the shopping experience easy and on-the-go. As a business owner, you can manage your shop on your phone. Last but not least, there is dedicated customer service, 24 hours in a day to help, throughout the year to enhance the experience.

Creating a Shop

If a business wants to sell jewelry, for example, they first need to create a website on theplatform for their business. The process is more straightforward as there are pre-created themes with a ready build with features that will fit into any internet platform. The support staff will help the business owner understand the operations of the shop.

Secondly, the business owner takes pictures of all the jewels and enhances them to create the attraction to the buyer. The jewel store owner can manage interactions with the customers and update his or her products.


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I think it’s just the modern day equivalent of mail order, and it’s very convenient to have items delivered directly to you.

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