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Oct 31

Garden office – The professional way of working from home

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Working from your own home has a number of benefits. It minimizes financial risks and it’s a sensible way to get started. You do not need to wonder each day how you are going to take care of the bills and when you don’t have that much pressure, making right decisions becomes easy when you’re just getting started.

Once your business grows enough, you might feel the need to venture out of your spare bedroom. It may be due to the need for extra space or you might want to hire some staff without having them to work out of a house. If your work involves your clients visiting your home-office, you might want to go out in order to present a better image for your business.

If you do not want to deal with the cost or hassle of buying or renting a business premises, you have another option that offers the various benefits of working from your home in addition to solving some of the other problems.


Garden Office Buildings

These buildings are purpose-built and you can get them installed on a piece of land you own or in your garden. In fact, the makers of these buildings claim that these have completely changed the way people now-a-days work from home.

Typically, buildings are made from long-lasting materials such as wood and are assembled in a modular manner which is the manner in which the walls and roof of a ready-made shed are assembled. These buildings are available in a variety of sizes. You can buy them for just a single person or even for accommodating 3 to 4 people. Keep in mind that these buildings are not meant to be permanent but these are made from strong materials and are durable enough to allow you to run your business from the building. Another benefit of these buildings is that these have a one-off cost and there is no ongoing rent to pay.

There are a number of suppliers in the UK for these buildings including, and here are some of the main issues you should consider before choosing one:



When it comes to permissions, the makers have taken special care to design many garden offices in a way to make sure these are within the rules. Since these offices don’t require any foundations, these are regarded as temporary buildings similar to a shed. However, permissions may be needed in case your home is in a conservation area, the garden is extremely small or a lot of people visit you. There is no need to worry though as you will get the necessary guidance from suppliers.



When it comes to installation, the buildings are put together on-site by many suppliers. As far as the time taken is concerned, it will depend on the size of the building. In some cases, everything is done in one day as it typically involves putting together pre-assembled parts. In case your back garden isn’t directly accessible, the flat parts can be carried through the house. While a concrete base is not required, it is still recommended to put down some slabs first.



The benefit of garden offices is that these offer the convenience without the associated price tag. When you buy an office building, you buy a prefabricated building and that will cost some money. If you want a small office, you might be able to get it in just a few thousand pounds but if you want a building where you can have employees, expect to spend up to around 15,000 pounds. You can also get a custom designed building but it will come with a big price tag.



Since the buildings are designed to be offices, the electricity sockets and wiring are already there. You just need to call an electrician to connect it to your house. Usually, electricians bury the cable used for connecting the office to your house which means it won’t be visible in your garden.



Since these are proper pre-fabricated buildings and not like sheds, these will benefit from double glazing and installation. You will need to install a portable gas heater or electric heater. Keep in mind that these are wooden buildings and you will need to take proper fire precautions including having fire extinguishers in your office. In case there are other people working with you in the office, you need to ensure that the building complies with the latest fire regulations.



You can easily get a phone line out to your office without spending too much money. If the building isn’t too far away from the house, your existing cordless phone and wireless router should also work. You always have the option of investing in booster units in case your garden is really big. Don’t forget to test the signal before choosing a site for your garden office.


Insurance and Security

Most of the garden offices are proper buildings that have locks and doors. It also means that many insurance companies won’t shy away from ensuring these buildings on the existing domestic insurance policy. You can also buy some high security versions of these offices. You should take some extra security precautions such as making sure that your laptop isn’t in your office building when you go to your home each day.



You will have a separate office building that looks like an office but don’t forget that you are still working from home and you will need the discipline to go with that. It is easy to develop the habit of going out to your office for a few minutes and remaining there for many hours till midnight. It is important to develop good habits early on, including a clearly defined end of the day. You should also try to keep your office and home life separate as much as possible.



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