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Get paid £300 to trial a new version of Scrapheap Challenge

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Scrapheap Challenge is a TV show that brings back nostalgia for a lot of people, but one company is bringing it back with a cherry on top – they’re going to pay you £300 to trial the first one!

After its last episode nearly a decade ago, corporate hospitality company, Team Tactics is looking for two teams of three people to create a rocket that will reach 1,000 feet into the air and land safely back on the ground.

Contestants will have 5 hours to complete the challenge and will only be able to use the scrap materials around them – replicating the iconic show.

Team Tactics is paying each contestant £60 per hour for the first round to ensure they get the authenticity of Scrapheap Challenge correct.

Teams can apply to take part through the Team Tactics website here.

You’ll need to provide a team name, names of each member, occupations, qualifications, who the captain will be and why they’re fans of the show. You must be willing to travel to London in March to take part, but don’t worry, Team Tactics will reimburse travel costs of up to £50 each.

To keep the theme going, the company has also hired lookalikes to be fans favourites, Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rogers, who will judge and host the teams throughout the day.

In case you need a reminder, Scrapheap Challenge was a popular TV show running from 1998 and tasked members of the public with creating a specific piece of machinery out of the scrap around them, which was then judged against the opposing team’s creation. It inspired a generation of inventors and engineers, even after the final episode aired in 2010.

Tina Benson, managing director at Team Tactics said,

“Scrapheap Challenge still has a cult following around the world and we’re excited to bring it back to life! It’s a show that celebrated innovation and technically minded people, and relied heavily on teams working well together, which is why we want to bring it back!

“The success of our other nostalgia-led experiences, such as Robot Wars, means Scrapheap Challenge will be in good company. We can’t wait to see how the trial goes and to create a new generation of fans when we launch.”




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What a great opportunity.

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