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Nov 19

Get paid £500 to eat Pigs in Blankets

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Once in a while an opportunity comes along that seems too good to be true, but actually does exist.

This is one of those.

Two of our favourite things together, a nice wad of cash and a huge helping of pigs in blankets. We’re sure that we’re not the only ones who like that combination!

Everyone knows that pigs in blankets are the secret (or not so secret) star of Christmas dinner. Most people would happily pay £500 to get stuffed to the brim with them, let alone get paid to do so!


Who on earth is offering this fantastic job

The Oast House. They’re a pub in Manchester who specialise in some absolutely delicious roasts and trimmings.


What do they want and who do they want

The pub is looking for people to taste test their pigs in blankets and provide feedback on their Christmas nibbles menu.

Sadly, while many people love sausages wrapped in bacon, The Oast House are only looking to hire someone who lives in Manchester. So, if you’re reading this and currently also in Manchester, call it fate, this could be the moment to fulfill your dreams!

The pub’s development chef, Mark, posted on airtasker:

“Are you a self-confessed Christmas Dinner connoisseur? Do you love pigs in blankets? Do you love the trimmings as much as the turkey? If yes, then I’ve got the ideal task for you. We’re searching for one Mancunian resident to attend the ultimate Christmas taste-test for this year’s star of the show – pigs in blankets – and give us some honest feedback to help us perfect our Christmas nibbles menu. One lucky candidate will be chosen to taste the best of Christmas and attend an exclusive session at The Oast House.”

Oast house post on airtasker

The winning applicant will be served a range of pigs in blankets, each with a twist. We honestly can’t quite believe how delicious this opportunity sounds. Our pigs in blanket prayers have finally been answered!

The whole point of the tasting is that the pub/restaurant is aiming to discover whether traditional pigs in blankets are still the best or whether it is possible to create a tasty new sensation for your taste buds, based on this classic.


How to apply

The instructions are quite simple:

“Simply click ‘make an offer’ and share a story of your funniest Christmas moment to date. Maybe you committed a major festive faux pas, such as burning the turkey to a crisp, and having to settle on sandwiches for Christmas dinner? Or perhaps your family dog knocked over the Christmas tree and ate half the presents that were under it? The applicant with the story that makes us laugh or cry the most will be given the chance to join us at the tasting session.”

There is no clear closing date, but since the pub’s Christmas menu launches on December 1st, you better send in your application asap!

So just to recap, the pub wants your funniest Christmas story, and as long as you live in Manchester, if you’re successful you’ll find your wallet filled with £500 and your stomach filled with a huge portion of pigs in blankets.

Sounds good to us!

Apply through airtasker.

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2 years ago

Getting paid to eat pigs in blankets, dream job! Shame I’m nowhere near Manchester.

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