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Jan 29

Get paid £75k to test jets, yachts & private islands

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An exclusive online marketplace dubbed ‘Amazon for millionaires’ is looking to recruit a product tester to review luxury products worth millions of pounds, including yachts, supercars, fine jewellery and private islands. The successful candidate will be paid up to £75,000 per year, and will be expected to test items for their style, comfort, performance and suitability for the website’s affluent consumers.


The perfect job

An exclusive online marketplace serving some of the world’s most wealthy consumers is on the hunt for a product tester to review luxury items including supercars, jets and private islands. is offering one lucky candidate the chance to earn a £75,000 salary per year to test and review the high-ticket items before they are put on sale to its affluent consumers.

Potential candidates can express their interest in the role here.

The chosen applicant will be expected to test similar products including supercars, jewellery, aircraft and property for their style, comfort, performance and suitability for the website, and produce a detailed report on every item.

The job advert states that candidates will need to demonstrate a passion for travel, art and fashion, have a keen eye for detail and an appreciation of the ‘finer things in life’.

Applicants must also be sociable, discrete and eloquent, and be able to demonstrate a willingness to learn about a variety of products.

The website also states that the successful candidate will be expected to travel extensively for the role, as they will be required to review private islands and properties for sale around the world.



Some of the most expensive items appearing on the website include a £62 million French chateau, a £55 million jewel-encrusted watch, a £47 million superyacht and an £18 million Legacy jet.

Offering one of the most exclusive marketplaces and VIP concierge services, connects a growing list of the world’s most wealthy consumers with luxury brands and products. collates some of the best unique luxury products available, from superyachts and hypercars to luxury villas and private islands, and partners with sellers to reach their audience.

Aaron Harpin, founder and CEO of, commented:

“At, our aim is to offer everything for the millionaire lifestyle, and become the leading destination for wealthy consumers to buy the finer things in life. Of course, we also want our customers to know that each and every item has our assurance of quality. That’s why we’re on the hunt for a product tester.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for someone to gain invaluable experience in the world of luxury travel, fashion, art and more, but the role does require a great deal of hard graft. The ideal candidate will have been exposed to luxury products and brands previously, professionally or personally, and will be able to show real enthusiasm for helping to provide the best possible customer experience.”


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1 year ago

Sounds a bit boring….give me £100k plus a full time contract and I’ll think about it…

Bethany Grace Murray

My name is Beth, and I am a 38 year old woman, I have experience in the service industry, management, dining, & entertainment. I am relaxed, and enjoy high end accomodations. I was disabled by an automobile accident 18 years ago and am ready re-enter the wokforce. Thank you so much for giving your attention to my reply. I am at a place in my life to where I am finially recovered my walking, talking, speaking, and congnative abilities and I would like to put them to good use. My linked in profile,

Mrs Teresa Williams
Mrs Teresa Williams
1 year ago

My name is Teresa Williams, I am 58 years old, I am registerd disabled, however I have a mild form of multiple sclerosis, however I cope exstreamly well, warm weather helps my condition, my husband was a crew member of a sailing hatch, he was also a builder, he is now retired he is 67 years old, I feel that we could manage the opportunity which you are offering, we lived in Abersoch North Wales, which is a wealthy Area, I was also a sail maker, which making sails for yachts I would meet very wealthy people, this sounds like… Read more »

1 year ago

Definitely a dream job!

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