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Dec 10

Get paid £80k to travel the world as a photographer

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Do you like taking photos?

Do you like travelling?

Do you like earning £80,000 on top of free accommodation AND travel?

Of course you do and you’re in luck! A UK family is looking for a photographer to travel the world with them for the next 12 months. They want someone to document all their amazing experiences. As stated above they’re offering a salary of £80,000 plus travel, food and accommodation expenses. Note: the job will involve travelling outside of the UK for up to three months at a time.

The Job

The family states that they will be travelling to and from their many residences and holiday homes across Europe, America, South America, and Australia, where the photographer will be asked to take photos of the family documenting their lives and experiences. Some of the highlights include the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and skiing at Val d’Isere. Calling this a “job” is almost ridiculous.

The selected photographer will be expected to work up to 10 hours on days of work, will be given full sick pay and 30 days holiday. The role will entail travelling across the world all year round, with some trips lasting up to three months.

The Skills

Sadly, not everyone will be able to apply, as they’re only looking for professional photographers with 5 years of experience under their belt, shooting lifestyle images. It’s important that the photographer can pick up and leave their life at home at any given moment, which the family acknowledges is a ‘big ask’.

Hopeful candidates will need to go through a rigorous interview process and be subject to a full background check, as well as spend a weekend with the family, which they say is to make sure the ‘right chemistry’ is there.

The Perks

An £80k salary.

30 days holiday.

Full sick Pay.

Their own living quarters at all travel locations.

Extensive additional perks to be discussed at interview.

How to apply

The job was placed through the photographer marketplace’s website this week, after the family’s previous photographer left due to ‘family’ reasons, and they’ve been unable to fill the vacancy since early September. They want to recruit a photographer as soon as possible, with their first trip planned for early February 2019. If you’re interested, click the button below to try your luck!

                                         Apply Now

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2 years ago

I’m sure this would be a dream job for some.

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