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Dec 07

Get Paid to eat cheese and drink wine

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Can you imagine getting paid to taste wine? Unless, like our founder Jasmine Birtles, you’re a lifetime teetotaller, Christmas can for some be synonymous with a tipple or three, whether it’s a social(ly distanced) beer with your pals or that Christmas morning Buck’s Fizz. A lot of People enjoy partying or just winding down with their favourite drink. So although this is not our usual article, we felt this, along with some of our many suggestions for unusual job opportunities, really might appeal to some of you.

So for those people, getting paid to drink sounds like a dream come true…

With that in mind, House of Townend are searching for a Christmas Wine Taster: if that sounds too good to be true, read on…

The Yorkshire-based wine merchants are on the hunt for their first Christmas Wine Taster, where you’ll be trialling some of the best red wines and reporting back on those tannins and fruits, making notes on everything from aromas to sensations, which you’ll report back to the team.

The position is for a fixed-term, one month contract and will work directly with the innovation and customer service team to review up to six bottles of red wine, providing notes on what makes them deliciously palatable and what could perhaps be better.

House of Townend state that that job will require “perseverance, dedication and a refined palate.” They ask that the successful candidate meets certain criteria, including a real love and dedication to the Christmas holidays, with a care for detail and the expression of that passion through their presentation of their Christmas table.

This is a sole position and the pay is all the red wine you consume. So as we say, for wine connoisseurs this sounds like absolute heaven!

Only UK-based, over 18-year-olds may apply. Eve deadline is 15 December 2021, with the lucky person chosen at random and announced on 16 December 2021, just in time for a wonderfully boozy, festive Christmas.

House of Townend are also keen to point out that “red wine is high in antioxidants, and drinking moderate amounts has been shown to be good for health.” So to get paid to drink wine is no excuse for excess.

You can apply here so be quick, you only have until 15 December. Cheers and good luck!



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