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Feb 20

Get paid to play Call of Duty and FIFA

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Over recent years people have been finding new ways to make money, using their unique expertise and skills to earn a bit of extra cash outside of their conventional jobs. One of the most recent areas to be monetised is online gaming – which is a multi-billion-pound business in itself. Gamers have realised that their own skills within the game can help them make money – which is why just launched its Pro Coaching service for Call of Duty and FIFA, after its Pro Call of Duty Players service was so successful.

The service enables more skilled gamers to earn money from their talents, whilst playing two of their favourite games and helping less-gifted gamers get better.


How can I apply?

Hands holding video game controllers

Prospective coaches will have to apply through the website here for Call of Duty and here for FIFA, and provide proof of their level and ability before being eligible to earn, as well as a photo ID, a working PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or gaming PC, and a strong wireless connection. Once all of these have been checked and authorised, the coach will be given the go ahead to begin bidding for work through!

Bidvine currently offer more than 800 services including Call of Duty and FIFA coaching. When they receive a request from a customer for a service such as Call of Duty or FIFA coaching, it is sent out to professionals who offer the service. The service professionals can then submit their bids including the cost of their service, and after the Call of Duty or FIFA trainee selects the coach who meets their requirements, the coaching can begin. The gaming customer will be asked to outline exactly what areas of the game they’d like assistance with and/or how they feel a coach can best help them. There will also be an option for the Pro Coaches to spectate matches and provide real-time, in-play advice to a player.


What do I have to do?

Adult male playing video games with adolecent

As a pro coach your work will be different depending on the client, for example you might be helping one customer with their Kill-Death ratio, and another with their overall strategy in different game types, or helping FIFA players improve their passing. However, how much you charge will always be in your hands, and if you feel a particular type of coaching should cost more, then you can simply up your prices.

Whilst it’s a pretty unique way of making money, the work can actually be very rewarding. There are coaches for everything, personal trainers, maths tutors and language teachers – so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are coaches for the more creative industries. We saw with’s Pro Player service, which launched in November last year, that there is a high demand for professional help within gaming.’s service is simply connecting service professionals with customers who want their expertise.

Effectively, once you’re an approved pro coach you’ll be playing Call of Duty or FIFA alongside another person, giving them helpful tips and helping them fulfill their goals within the game, and all the while you’ll be getting paid to do it!


How much can I earn?

Woman playing video game while man watches and cheers

On average’s pros, for this kind of service, earn around £15 an hour – but as we’ve said previously, this is dependent on what the service provider wants to charge.

Realistically, if you were doing 5 or so sessions a day you could be earning upwards of £75 a day – but this could obviously be much higher if the demand for your service is there. You’ll log into your console or PC, add the customer as a friend, and play alongside them – giving them tips on how to improve their play, especially on the areas they’ve outlined as a problem.


Find out more ways you can make money playing video games here.

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14 days ago

Game boosting services is a great way to make money for pro and very good gamers too

2 years ago

A great way to make money for gamers.

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