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Nov 27

Got a money-making idea?

Reading Time: 2 mins

Have you got a money-making idea ?…then do something with it.

Really. I can’t tell you how many people I come across who say something like ‘I’ve got an idea for a business’ or ‘I’d really like to do x to make money’ or something like that and then they never do anything about it.

There are always excuses:

  • “I’m too busy” (these are people who spend most evenings in front of the tely or drinking with friends)
  • “I don’t know where to start”
  • “Someone else will probably do it”
  • “I haven’t got time”

These are just excuses – seriously. Have you noticed how it’s usually the very busiest people, the ones who are up early and working through the day and into the night, who somehow find the time to get things done? It’s funny how we always find time to do things we actually want to do.

If you’re serious about getting a money-making idea off the ground, here are a few starting points:

  • Break it down into small chunks. You will never even start a project if it looks too enormous. As they say, the way to eat an elephant is to do it piece by piece (not that I want you to eat an elephant because I love them!). Basically you have to break down any big project into small, manageable chunks and do those one by one. Even if it means you do one small chunk every night, if you keep on doing it, you will get there.
  • Persist. One of the most valuable qualities in any business person, or anyone who wants to do something worthwhile or a bit different, is to be willing to persist, persist, persist. Even if it takes years to get it off the ground, keep going.
  • Get help and support. There are lots of ways you can get this – either from friends and people you know or from government agencies like Innovate UK and Business is GREAT or even through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc). There are people all around the world who are trying to do what you are doing or have done it, made the mistakes and learned their lessons. They can help you and most are eager to do so.


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8 months ago

Great advice, its motivation and will to win which stops people taking off.

10 years ago

Great motivational advice….thanks! I started quickmoneytips a few months ago.

Running your own business would be much better than making money for somebody else.

John B. Aboyan
John B. Aboyan
10 years ago

Great webste. My name is John and I’m building a site,
( It’s new and I’m still working on it. May I put a link to your site on my site?

Simon Willmore
Simon Willmore
10 years ago
Reply to  John B. Aboyan

Hi John

Yes you’re welcome to add a link, thanks!

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