Jun 18

Have you got a second job? You’re one of over 3 million!

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Are you doing a second job or several other money-earners to add to your income? If so you’re in good company.

According to Direct Line, more than three million Brits have held a second job in the past six months and another 1.5 million have launched their own business to supplement the income from their normal job – that’s around 10% of the population.

The research found around a third of the population has undertaken extra activities in the past six months to increase their earnings, with 11.5 million people making extra money online.

That’s no surprise to us is it??

After all, has been publishing new and clever ways to make money on the side for years. You’re probably doing a lot of them right now.

According to this research, on average Brits who have taken on additional work to boost their bank balance are pocketing almost £2,536 a year.

Many are making money with online surveys, dog-walking, making cakes and jams to sell, making quick cash through our clever money-making ideas, doing competitions, or even mystery shopping. There are loads of ways to make some extra cash as we know… so go do it!

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