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Here’s how online printing services has changed the printing industry

The advent of online printing has brought about a revolution in the printing industry in a relatively short period of time. Starting from the strikingly clear images to the brilliance of colours, which seems almost like a photograph, it provides the same level of quality with every piece of printed media of every corporation, along with being much handy in saving both time as well as money side-by-side.

Before we go deep into the benefits provided by online printing service, let’s have a quick look on what the online printing service actually is.


What is online printing service?

Online printing service provides the facility of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. It basically refers to professional printing where small-run jobs from certain digital sources such as desktop publishing are printed using large format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers.


How does online printing differ from traditional printing?

The basic difference between online printing services to that provided by the traditional printers is quality, and it can be best explained by how these services work.

Let us consider a traditional copy machine with the highest quality color copier. When you place a piece of paper through the machine to be copied, the resulting page can only ever be as good as the original in your hand.  This implies that, if you have a slight crease on the paper where it is being held or a tiny speck of dust appears on the copier, it will clearly show up in the results.

However, in case of digital printing, the image, irrespective of its nature (text or full color photograph), is taken directly from a computer file and the output is obtained through the printing device.  This implies that the end result will be as good as the original every time, because there is never a physical piece of paper being copied.


Benefits of Online Printing Service

One of the biggest factors driving technological change in the printing industry is online printing service. While print used to be dominated by letterpress, digital has become the dominant printing process. Online printing provides a number of advantages over traditional ways of printing.

Cost: Online printing has greatly brought down the cost of completing large print jobs. And even when a printing project is small, offset printing takes a long time to set up and costs more than a digital print. No matter how small or large a project is, it’s more cost-effective to utilize the online printing services.

Accuracy: When you have a digital image, no matter how many times you print it, technology can accurately produce the same high-quality image. One of the main disadvantages of traditional offset printing was the amount of waste that was created, which is a problem that’s eliminated with online printing.

Quick Turnaround: When traditional offset printing was the dominant printing technology, it involved a lengthy preparation of the printing press. In comparison, digital printing is a quick printing method where files can be printed out immediately. Using this new technology, thousands of business cards are printed within a few hours, which was impossible to think earlier.

Medium of Printing: With online printing, you can print on a variety of different or unusual surfaces, including vinyl. No matter the size, finish, or surface of the paper, it can be printed digitally. So, be it cardstock papers for business cards or coated papers for flyers and brochures, online printing can handle any material without any hassle.


Are we really benefited?

The days of dealing with constant paper jams in the old dot matrix printers are long gone. After all, who would wish to receive the fuzzy texts with faded images in today’s technologically-driven world?

In spite of a few consequences such as expensive rates for large volume projects as well as quick fading limitations of the digital ink, online printing is by far the fastest, more effective, and provides the absolute alternative to the traditional method of offsite printing. In addition to its quality and accuracy, it also doesn’t cost too much.



Technology has been improving day-by day globally. Advances in online printing make it the best option for individuals and businesses that are looking for high quality marketing materials at an affordable price, and several companies are silently working in the background in order to make the best use of this technology. With copies that match the original every time, low cost, and that level of convenience, there’s almost no chance that one could go wrong with online printing.


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