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Jun 15

How a Student Can Earn Money While Studying

Reading Time: 3 mins

The word “student” is often associated with the image of a hungry, skinny, poor but ambitious young man. But the years of students do not necessarily have to be hungry. Moreover, it is during this period of life that it is recommended to start a career and develop a life of hunger. Moreover, it is during this period of life that it is recommended to start a career and improve theoretical university knowledge in practice. How a student may earn money – we will discuss in this article.

Not everyone works while studying and not everyone thinks that it is useful. Do you have to start working as a student? No. Everything is very individual because work also has its pros and cons.


The pros and cons of working while studying:


Own money. As they say, happiness is not contained in money, but crying in a new Mercedes is more pleasant. It’s always good to have money. Money opens up opportunities, raises living standards, gives confidence.

Independence from parents. It’s good when parents have the opportunity to help. But you still have to become independent. Work and your own money are great at it.

Adaptation in the team. Work is not an educational institution, where everyone will show and teach.  No one will run after an employee here. You’ll have to get used to talking to your bosses, colleagues, possibly your subordinates, clients, contractors and performers. Each role has its own specifics.

Practical skills. If the university shows and tells, then at work you have to take and do. By the way, this experience is also very helpful in learning. The more practice, the faster the skill will come.

Experience of work, the formation of goals and values. The student can try himself in any field. During this time you can easily work for a week and then go to another job. No one will say anything, because students are not given much responsibility. During this time, the student looks for himself and understands which functions he likes to perform and which he does not. After graduation, it will be easier for this person to understand what kind of work he wants.

Helpful contacts. The more people you know, the better. Work contacts are especially useful after school.


The minuses of working while studying:

Responsibility. At work, you will have to take responsibility. At least for what you do. This is difficult, especially after the excessive guardianship of parents and teachers. You’ll have to make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. Being responsible is difficult, especially while trying to be an essaypro, but very useful.

There’s not enough time. Work will be time-consuming anyway. The more it is, the more time will have to be spent. In combination with studying, it is particularly difficult. However, you can always use the college paper writing service.


How can a student make money on the Internet?

Now you can find a job on the Internet in almost any field. Let’s offer some options where the student can earn money.


Freelance exchange.

The student can do what he or she likes and earn money for it. For example:

  • Writing articles, texts for SEO promotion;
  • Translations;
  • Photos for photo storages;
  • Writing coursework, test papers, and essays;
  • Administration of sites, pages in social networks;
  • Adjustment of contextual advertising and advertising in social networks.

Pros: availability almost for everyone. And you may get a full work in future, rather than part-time work. The acquired skills are useful in any layout.

Disadvantages: earnings directly depend on the volume of work. The work is painstaking and not always highly paid.


Work-related to special skills:

  • Design (work in graphic editors);
  • Programming;
  • Tutoring, training, courses.

Pros: Special skills are paid higher. Consequently, it is more likely to earn good money. Most often, people who earn on special skills, enjoy it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it at all. Skills will be useful both in learning and in work.

Minuses: it takes a lot of time.


Own website, blog, internet channel.

Everyone now has the opportunity to make their own media. If there is an interesting concept, you can start to implement it.

Pros: work in pleasure, self-realization, the acquisition of many contacts, can become a business.

Minuses: you will need the initial cost of creating the site and content to come up with something interesting and new.


Start-up on the Internet.

It can be any project on the Internet: a site, application, program, game, etc. There would be an idea and resources for its implementation.

Pros: original idea, own business.

Minuses: need resources for implementation, high risks, takes a lot of time.

Do not forget that it is possible to work in reality. Often, students find a job while studying, and after graduation stay there.



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