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Nov 22

How can fleet tracking improve your business performance

Reading Time: 4 mins

There are several ways to enhance your business processes and if you are looking for ways to improve your business performance, make optimizations and improvements in the logistics and delivery area a priority. For instance, consider a plan for a fleet management system and employ fleet tracking because this can definitely improve your business performance in terms of:


Cost Reduction

There are several business costs that can be reduced by an effective tracking system and one of these is the fuel costs. A tracking system is able to lay out initial and alternative routes. Hence, drivers are given the opportunity to choose the best route possible in cases of congested streets or roads under construction and save on fuel, time and money. Another way to save money on fuel is to use a fuel card. You can use to find the perfect fuel card for you.

There are also driver behaviors that are considered uneconomical such as speeding, idling, or sudden breaks. Uneconomical use of fuel is brought about by rapid acceleration or erratic speeds, but these patterns can be identified through an efficient tracking system, allowing the business to generate measures on how it can be avoided, thus, saving on fuel costs in the long run.

Another cost reduction is on resources, particularly on paper usage. With the data and information to generate reports available online, paper reduction is guaranteed. Hence, the carbon footprint is minimized as well and the environment will definitely thank you for it.


Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the blood of the business. Hence, it is important to keep a customer-centric mindset in managing a business. GPS trackers provide businesses with an ability to provide their customers with a real-time update on the status of the deliveries such as where the goods are and the expected time that it will be delivered. Hence, invoices can also be done correctly and notifications can be sent accurately. An efficient delivery system will produce happy customers because goods are delivered at the right place at the right time, providing exceptional customer service. This level can definitely set a company apart from other competitors in their industry.


Efficient Planning and Process

The manual way of generating reports will be transformed and streamlined because reports can be generated automatically. With data available online, information about engine maintenance, as well as the driver’s traffic behavior is conveniently available, cutting the time needed to produce the reports. Hence, fleets are more manageable from any location.

Most GPS tracking systems also provide live traffic updates, which is generally an advantage in planning the best routes for the deliveries, especially during rush hours or bad weather. Live traffic updates often include the traffic situations which prompt administrators to re-route vehicles.

Tracking systems also improve the dispatch process by making it effortless for administrators to pinpoint the most suitable vehicle that can be used for dispatch, considering its location and availability. Hence, with GPS tracking for fleets, response time are reduced and more informed decisions can be soundly made. Moreover, changes in delivery schedules can be made in an instant to keep the dispatch time on track. Different delivery status can also be incorporated in live updates to notify the administrator of pending deliveries, goods in transit, or completed orders. This ensures that the administrators are up-to-date with the fleet status.


Employee Accountability

If it is apparent to the employees that the results of their actions are monitored, chances are they will tend to work smarter to deliver. Idle time reports provide data regarding the period when the vehicle is in a stationary position, usually with the engine still running. This report can greatly aid in identifying the proficiency of the drivers. Alerts can also be set up to have real-time updates on idling time to be at par with state policies, which can include habitual idling. Prolonged stops and unapproved side trips will be avoided, resulting in an increased productivity and overtime reduction.

The exact time spent on a job can also be generated on the reports, as well as the time a vehicle enters and leaves a specific area. Hence, work hours are accurately monitored and employees are paid accordingly based on the time spent on the job. Additionally, the scheduling and dispatch will be optimized through accurate employee reporting and timekeeping.

All the data regarding the logistics and delivery, including the goods and its movement are available with a tracking system. Hence, there is a reliable data that can support different claims should there be hiccups in the process.


Security and Safety

With a GPS tracking system, the safety and security of the drivers, including the vehicles are not compromised. Their location and delivery progress are monitored, allowing a quick response in cases of emergencies. Apart from the vehicle location, unsafe driving behaviors can trigger real-time alerts. With these actions monitored, risks of accidents that lead to injuries can be avoided. A better driving behavior leads to less vehicle wear and tear.

Additionally, you will be able to keep track of the vehicle’s usage and note down when preventive maintenance and repair scheduling services are necessary. Because of the real-time location tracking feature, a tracking system is also an effective measure against vehicle theft.

Tracking systems generally come with cameras that capture a video footage that displays the vehicle speed, time, and location. This can serve as a confirmation to back up insurance claims in cases of unfortunate accidents, especially when the drivers are not at fault. Hence, GPS trackers can cut fleet insurance costs by an accurate calculation of vehicle mileage, improved driver safety and enhanced fleet security.

Overall, a fleet tracking system can definitely improve your business performance in several areas because of the different features that you can utilize to optimize and improve your processes. With a monitoring system, processes in delivering goods and services can be carried out efficiently. Cost reduction and customer satisfaction alone were already significant factors that will have a positive impact on your business. Add to this an effective planning process with employee accountability, as well as a secured logistic implementation and for sure, your business is on the winning side.



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