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Oct 15

How can you get a job overseas?

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To many people, there’s nothing they would want more than to wake up in a foreign country and say, “I live here!” The good news is that in this day and age, it has never been easier to make this dream come true. Whereas in the olden days, jobs were more or less limited to wherever you were born, today there are many people who are living and working in lands far from their own. But how do you make this happen for yourself? We take a look at a few ways below.


Get Networking

There’s much power in networking in all areas, but especially when it comes to jobs overseas. If you don’t have all that much relevant experience, then the phrase “it’s who you know” will become extra important. There will be many people applying for those entry-level jobs overseas, so you have to make yourself stand out somewhere. If you’ve already made connections, then this would go a long way to helping you. While you’re at college, you can begin talking to people in the right circles. It’s a long term strategy, but one that’s worth doing.


Make Yourself Valuable

Competition for jobs overseas is fierce, because, as we said, many people want them. As such, it’ll be the ones who have the talent and skills that are most likely to get the most coveted positions. So it’s important that you’re making yourself stand out from the crowd in one way or another, and show potential employers that you would make a valuable employee of the company. One way to do this is to take a look at accredited mba online programs and begin studying. Studies have shown that employers prefer their staff to have a master’s degree — and having one usually results in a higher salary, too. 


Overseas Experiences

Everyone focuses on the good sides of living and working overseas, but it’s true that it’s not always a box of chocolates. Some companies hire an employee, take them overseas, and then, six months later, have to replace them because they were homesick and had to leave. So as well as proving that you have the talent to do the job, look at showing that you have the mental strength and character to live overseas. Any sort of formal experience abroad, such as an internship or volunteer position, will help.


Work In A Multinational Company

You can’t have everything all at once, but if you’re patient, then you’ll find that much of what you want can come your way. The best long-term strategy for working overseas is to work for a multinational company. There are people who began in an entry-level position, slowly worked their way up, and then eventually ended up working overseas. 


Be Bold

Finally, remember to be bold! It does take courage to move overseas, and like with most things, it’s usually the ones who dare that end up winning. Take chances and make the most of opportunities, and you could find that your dream comes true. 



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