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Mar 01


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The Human eye takes 300 milliseconds to blink and in one millisecond there are 1000 microseconds. This is just how fast trade has become as a result of technological advancement. Right from the New York stock exchange market to the Shanghai stock exchange market technology continues to wield its power. Thanks to technology, trading can be done at your own convenience. It does not matter where you are or what you are doing, all you have to do is trade, trade, and trade. One particular facet of trade that continues to reap the benefits of technological evolution is the foreign exchange market where forex trading takes place.


Technology in Forex Exchange

Days, when currency trading was laid back, are already past us and forex managers are now looking for ways to make the investment profitable amidst all the turmoil that there is in the forex market. One way of doing this is through computing and automation of the financial sector. The modernization of the forex trading platform remains one of the greatest impact technology has had in the financial world. Traders and investors can now sigh with relief as they have been given an opportunity to choose among a variety of trading platforms each with different features. In addition to this, they can tailor the features of some of these platforms to suit their various trading needs.


Technology as a Speed Tool

It would be strange to find someone waiting for hours or even days for trading transactions to come to completion or to get news on online currency trading. This is because technology has revolutionized internet speed from the sluggish type to the high-speed, reliable 4G type. News coming from the New York Stock Exchange Market can now be seen at a glance by a trader in the Nairobi Stock Exchange Market or even the London Stock Exchange Market. A broker can also keep track of all his assets at all times thanks to the flexibility that broadband internet offers.


Technology in Mobile Applications

Light-speed internet goes hand in hand with the use of mobile trading software and applications such as MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is an online forex trading platform that gives novice traders the ease and control they need to maneuver in the forex market. Apart from its user-friendly interface, it provides traders with the necessary trading tools that they require to make trading a profitable venture. Time is a very crucial facet of trade and mobile trading applications have granted traders the control they need by creating a virtual trading platform and giving them 24-hour access to it. This is regardless of their geographical location. Traders are therefore able to make prudent business decisions on time and avoid heavy losses.


Technology in Crowd-sourcing

The internet has provided a platform where traders can meet their potential market. In doing so, they are able to publicize their goods and services and also entice potential buyers to buy them. This method of trading is known as crowd-sourcing and has gone a long way in enabling traders to make big sales without having to necessarily attain higher levels. It has also lifted barriers to the potential market as traders have access to a larger market and are therefore able to trade with any buyer they wish. Aspiring traders cannot help but smile as they now can venture into potentially lucrative undertakings at a very early stage.


Technology in Providing a Competitive Environment

Technology has created a more competitive terrain for trade to take place. This is particularly helpful as it has helped traders to improve the quality of the goods and services they offer. Customers are always on the lookout for better quality goods and services and are therefore likely to trade with a trader who is going to provide the right standards of goods and services. Competition has also made traders incorporate the creativity aspect into their trade such as online marketing to attract a larger market than their competitors. For instance, a trader using an advanced chatting application is in a better position to assess the needs of his buyers based on the feedback they provide.

With its breathtaking acuity, technology continues to spread into trade systems and it is only a matter of time before trade in its entirety becomes automated.



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1 year ago

Forgive me, but I thought this space was for well-constructed comments, but where ever I go Joanne has said almost the same thing time and time again for her points. Is there a moderator?

1 year ago

An interesting article.

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