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How to build a profitable blog

With more and more people turning to the internet for information, the potential for making money by blogging has increased. While it may seem like easy money, the process of building a blog that gains enough attention to be profitable is time consuming and involves a lot of hard work. Here are a few steps you can take to expand your site’s reach and monetize your content.


Add Advertisements to Your Website

A common way you can monetize your blog is by placing ads on your page. Google AdSense is a tool you can use to get started. It offers ways to make cash either based on impression or based on clicks. If you opt to make money based on impression, you are awarded when your site is viewed a certain number of times. For example, once you hit 1,000 views you will be given a set pound/dollar amount. If you instead choose to earn money based on clicks, it doesn’t matter how often the site is viewed. You will earn a percentage of ad revenue when visitors click on ads on your site.


Include Affiliate Links in Your Content

Affiliate marketing is another easy way to turn a profit with your blog. An advertiser will have a product they want to sell and will give you a percentage of what they make based on traffic originating from your site. You can include the link in content you write or in banner ads featured throughout your pages. Amazon Associates offers you an avenue for connecting with e-commerce sites. It’s free to join and you can get up to 10 percent in advertising fees.


Sell Memberships for Access to Exclusive Content

Make some parts of your website exclusive and charge a monthly fee for access. For example, host forums or private sessions to advise others on your area of expertise. If you run a blog about fishing and are a professional, you can exclusively counsel other fisherman on the best tackle options. However, be sure what your offering has unique value. The only way you’re going to earn revenue this way is if your audience can’t simply find what you offering for free elsewhere.


Develop Relationships with Others in the Field

Expanding your reach in the online world is essential for successfully gaining a following. If you are new to the blogging world or are simply looking for a way to connect with more people, reach out to other popular blog sites and offer to write posts. You can also link your content to posts written by leaders in the industry. If they see you have mentioned them, they may be open to sharing your work on their site thus spreading the word about your brand.


Get a Good Domain Name

Make sure you new blog is a memorable one. Your domain name can add credibility to your blog which can attract more people willing to invest in what you have to offer. Owning your own domain name permits you to use the same name if you transfer web hosts or switch in-house servers. It allows you to maintain your branding so you don’t have to change it and confuse buyers.


Email Marketing

Obtain email subscribers by offering exclusive content or a freebie in order to keep up communication with readers. It keeps the public aware of content you may be selling such as e-books or tutorials. You can even monetise your email campaigns by featuring banner ads or affiliate links. Just make sure you email out valuable information to keep readers engaging and to stop them from unsubscribing.


Offer Consulting

By offering a consulting fee, you can give readers direct feedback to their questions. You can charge for an hour Skype session on your industry. You can also build them a plan to help them excel in the field. As you establish yourself as a valuable source, more people will seek individualised help to progress in the field.

To be a successful blogger, you should treat your site like a business. Devote a considerable amount of time each day for upkeep. You will want to consistently post content and respond to readers inquiries. If you show you respond quickly and stay up to speed on industry developments, you are more likely to gain more readers. You won’t get rich overnight. It will take time but implementing the strategies listed will lead you to the path to success.



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