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Jan 13

How to earn money during the pandemic

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As you know, at MoneyMagpie we’re all about making money – but the pandemic has made it more challenging than it used to be. The pandemic has changed the way we all work, many of us are working from home and some of us have lost jobs, and those things are difficult even when the world is running normally!

Making money as quickly as possible may be your goal, but you just need to ensure you do it legitimately and in a way that makes sense for you. Don’t turn to multi-level marketing programs and pour money into something that won’t pay you back.

You can still make money online during this pandemic, despite the uncertainty, but you need to be smart about it.  


Here are some ways to make money:

Sell products online

You might decide to create and sell products during this time (and we’ve got lots of articles on that kind of thing) but you need to look into parcels transport so that you can save money getting your products out to customers. If you decide to sell your stuff, you have to consider how you want to get it out to customers during a pandemic. 


Cancel your subscriptions

If you’ve lost your job, the last thing you need is more subscription money coming out of your account. You have to cancel these subscriptions so that you’re saving some cash. Look through your banking app, find things you don’t need (like Netflix or Disney Plus) and check your Apple or Android subscriptions, too. You need to know you won’t have any surprise payments coming out of the little money you do have.

Find out more about cancelling your subscriptions here. 


Take part in Market Research

There are plenty of apps out there to sign up to and give your opinions and answer in return for money. The key is in finding the right ones. There are some apps that will make you money purely for installing it in the first place. Some market research apps work by tracking your usage – your information is valuable to these companies, which is why they will pay you for it.


Watch Videos

InboxDollars (or InboxPounds, in the UK) is an app that will pay you cash to take surveys and watch content for them. You don’t need to do more than 5-10 minutes per day, but you can still earn a little more per month.

You can check out other online surveys here. 


Invest In Real Estate

This isn’t for everyone (you need to have the money to begin with, after all) but there are so many options out there right now – yes, in a pandemic – in real estate. You can invest a small amount of money and end up with a home you can let out to others. This can create a rental income and keep money moving into your account throughout the pandemic. You can pour your money into real estate and try to make an income while you’re at home. Get some solid advice on this one, though, as you want to get this right – investing in the wrong thing could be costly!

It’s hard to be broke any time but during a pandemic, it’s scarier. Use any of these ideas, however, and see whether you can come up cash trumps!

And check-out our coronavirus section for all the latest COVID and pandemic news.



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