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Mar 24

How To Earn Money While In The Comforts Of Your Home

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For some reason you cannot control, you may be obliged to stay at home. You may be a housewife who needs to tend to your kids or the household, an adult who has a parent who needs care 24/7, or you have a chronic illness that limits your mobility.

However, you don’t have to think that you cannot earn money just because you are literally imprisoned at home almost every day. Just as long as you have a PC, laptop, or mobile phone, the earning potential can be limitless.

If you are considering being productive at the comfort of your own home, choose your kind of earning strategy from the different options below.


Sell Old and New Stuff

Start with selling your things that don’t have room in your closet anymore. It’s one convenient way to declutter your home and earn money at the same time.

If you have a hobby or you create some products and crafts that you just store at home with no particular objective in mind, there will come a time that you will saturate your home with them. Why not let others enjoy your product by selling them online? It’s especially helpful to address overproduction because you can’t stop doing what you do.

You can try putting up a garage sale for your neighbors, and you can post it on social media so that your friends would know about the stuff that you are selling. You can also post them on a Facebook marketplace or Craiglist if you want to target wider audiences.


Setup An ECommerce Store Like Shopify

Another way to sell various items online is by starting your own ecommerce store like Shopify. But unlike any other online shops, you are not dealing with your own inventory. Instead, you venture into a business called dropshipping.

In this kind of business, you only need to purchase an item from the retailer once a customer orders from your Shopify shop. You don’t need substantial capital for this kind of business as the customers pay for their order first, including your markup, which you can use in paying the retailer. If anything, you only need to pay a small Shopify fee every month.


Answer Different Surveys

There’s no right or wrong opinion. Whatever your take on any subject is, some companies and websites are willing to pay you to speak your mind. This is by asking you to answer different survey sites online.

But don’t expect that participating in these surveys is a lucrative career. It doesn’t even hold a candle against a job that earns even the minimum wage. You’ll even be lucky to find a website where you can make a quarter of the minimum per hour. However, if you have several survey sites that you regularly answer, they can definitely make a difference earning-wise.


Do Blogging

You may have a knack for writing and interested in a particular niche or topic. Put your skills and interest into good use by establishing your own website where you can post your articles or blogs.

You can write just about anything under the sun, but if you are an expert in a particular field, it’s an added value to readers. Topics such as health, pets, entertainment, finance, technology, and listicles are some of the most popular niches on the internet today.


Venture Into Freelance Writing

Another way you can put your writing skills into good use without the added responsibility and complexity of maintaining a website is by working as a freelance writer. While some clients will give a chance to newbies, it gives you the upper hand if you’ve already built up a portfolio of articles. You can work as a ghostwriter, technical writer, copywriter, or even editor or content moderator.

One advantage of writing for a client is you will be able to work on different topics, which will broaden your niches and add to your experience. Another thing is that your salary is guaranteed based on the number of articles you produce or the number of hours you have worked (as some clients pay per hour spent on each article). Also, having extensive experience gives you the opportunity to demand your own pricing and schedule, something that new writers don’t get to enjoy.


Be An Online Teacher

Are you good at Math or Science? Do you enjoy helping kids with their homework? Do you have the patience to teach English to non-English speakers? Teaching at the comfort of your own home through online platforms is very much in demand nowadays.

Gone are the days when you have to go to your student’s house to tutor them. With the help of a computer, internet connection, and a chat or video conferencing app, teaching is more convenient than ever.


Work As A Customer Service Representative

Having a gift of gab would take you to places, whether in the corporate world or online. When you just want to use your talent without going out of your room, you can do so as a customer service representative.

Being so enables you to talk or chat with customers and address any issues they may be having, such as troubleshooting a gadget, answering various queries, or just listening to customer complaints and help escalate the problem to the management. If being a shock absorber doesn’t shock you at all and you can maintain grace under pressure (as a lot of customers can be too much to handle), this job is for you.


Dabble on Technical Freelancing

With so much going on in technology nowadays, it’s easy to get a client who will exploit your skills in programming, graphic design, web design, or anything similar and pay good money. You never actually have to leave the four corners of your room at home to run the world technology-wise.

The clients can range from people who lack know-how about some simple computer operations to those who need to produce programming applications for mobile phones or computers. You can also take this opportunity as a training ground and earn for your own tech company in the future.


Help Businesses Through Consultancy

You may not know a lot of things, but you may know something that some people need. Some clients need someone to guide or train them on how to use particular accounting software, to consult someone on how to start a business, to show them how to import products from Oberlo to their Shopify account, or just about any expertise that you can share.

Your knowledge about these things might be very simple to you, but it might be everything a client needs for their business to take off. These types of jobs will usually need you to talk to clients over the phone, chat or video call, and sometimes might require you to share your screen. These are typically project-based gigs, but you can build a strong relationship with your client who might eventually give you recurring service orders.


Become A Virtual Assistant

As online business people tend to become too busy as their companies expand operations, the sudden influx of administrative activities becomes too much for them to handle. Because of this, these people seek the help of virtual assistants so that they can attend to more important things.

Virtual assistants are commonly called Jack of all trades in the online world as they typically do whatever the clients ask them to. If you want to try your hand in VA jobs, expect to do tasks such as research, data entry, email management, appointment setting, lead generation, and the likes.


Invest in Currency Trading

If you’re familiar with the idiom, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” chances are, you already have an idea about investment, particularly in real estate, stocks, bonds, and Forex. For beginners, the first three might be too technical and takes longer to see results, so you can try your luck in Forex exchange trading.

What makes this a potential money-making venture at home is the fact that trading can be done online while you’re at the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t even matter where you are around the world, except in very few countries where online trading is restricted. What’s more, is that you can start trading for as low as $100.


Video Blogging Everything

Vlogging has been extremely popular nowadays, thanks to YouTube’s monetization, which makes creating and uploading videos on this platform not just a pastime, but a very viable option for earning. Even celebrities have joined this vlogging craze.

You can choose your own niche for your channel. You can do mukbang, product reviews, gaming, DIY, travel, or anything you can think of. As long as you keep your content interesting, you’ll get paid for every several views and placed advertisements.


Parting Words

Nowadays, you don’t have any excuses not to have a way to earn as you have all the means right at your fingertips. Besides the skills you need for the job, you need to have the right attitude like patience, determination, and a lot of discipline since you’ll be mostly working on your own. If you are your own boss, you only have yourself to blame if it won’t be successful.

While most of the home-based jobs are results-oriented, some are timed but without actually having someone guarding your every move. This is where your integrity comes in. After all, it’s what you do when no one’s watching that sets you apart from the rest, and it’s usually a factor that decides your fate as an online freelancer.



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