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Nov 17

How to get paid remotely with SumUp

Reading Time: 2 mins

With the pandemic sweeping across continents, businesses are facing tough times. Stores need to close and restaurants cannot receive guests. For some, they were not yet ready for the full age of digitization. Imagine not having a webshop and now having to make sure you still make sales. That is why it is often a good idea to have the opportunity to get paid remotely.


What are the options to receive payments

You do not necessarily need a website or webshop to get paid remotely. For example, you could decide to trade via a messenger service, such as WhatsApp. When you decide to do that, you can choose for payment links. These links can be send via any medium ranging from e-mail to WhatsApp. When a customer receives the link, they can click on it and pay via their preferred means of payment. This makes it possible for small business owners to conduct payments via the Internet with ease. These payments also come with very low transaction fees, allowing you to use them even for small transactions.


Formal payments

Besides the use of payment links, it is also possible to conduct more formal business through the Internet. This can be done with a special invoice function. The function can be used with SumUp (one company that offers this service) or you can couple it with your systems, depending on your needs. The additional element that the invoice includes is a payment link. When the receiver has the invoice, they can immediately pay it by clicking on the link. This is a convenient method for both the sender and receiver.

Another great way of getting paid remotely is through selling Gift cards. This may sound like something that would take a lot of time and effort. Of course you need a new page where these gift cards can be sold. The best part is that this page is delivered fully optimized in the SumUp app. Then you only have to share a link with your customers via your website or social media, for example.


Want to offer promotions to your customer?

When you want to get paid remotely, you’ve probably also considered using another type of service. For example, you can give customers a special voucher which they can utilise. The voucher can be generated with a smartphone with the push of a button. The voucher can then be redeemed both in-store as well as online. This does require a connection to be made with your webshop, or you could enter the voucher into the system manually. This approach allows you to reward loyal customers or customers who spent a large amount of money at your store.


Get started today

Do you want to get started with remote payments today? There is an Online Store Starter by SumUp which is one tool you can use to get started selling online. This will give you all the necessary components to start receiving payments. The good part? Setting it up is a question of minutes, meaning that you can set it up with ease all by yourself.

Do read reviews before settling on a particular product or company, however, to make sure you find the right one for you.


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