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Mar 16

How to get the best price for an old iPhone 7

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The mobile phone market is consistently a bustling one. There are new models from different brands getting delivered. If you currently have an old iPhone 7 and fancy a new phone for yourself, you can sell your old handset first. It will help you with getting cash that you can use to meet expenses for the new handset. Here’s what you need to know about getting the best price for iPhone 7.


Resale value of an old iPhone 7

The value is dependent on the current market rate and demand for the old iPhone 7. The rates for a used iPhone 7 in various conditions are accessible online. The resale value will be highest for generally new handsets. Good condition sets with a box, receipt, and accessories get the best resale value from buyers. The latest models will reliably have a better resale price when compared with older models with wear and tear.


What about a broken iPhone 7

Indeed, you can sell a messed-up iPhone 7 (many of us have been there!). Whether or not they have broken screens, display issues, or other damages, you can still sell them. Damages can likewise be a faulty camera, speaker, or defective display. In any case, a broken iPhone 7 will get you a lesser amount than a working one, as you’d expect. Rather than throwing it away, which may hurt the environment, it’s wise to sell it and bring in some cash. You can likewise sell an old iPhone 7 with water damage if it works appropriately. Obviously, it won’t get you the best price but you can still sell it instead of keeping it inactive or throwing it.


What about a network-locked iPhone 7

It’s possible to sell network-tied phones, but you will get paid less for them. It moreover relies upon the network it’s related to. When you get the bundling for your old iPhone, attest that your handset is network-attached to a particular transporter. Unlocking your gadget will usually get you a better price, and it isn’t hard to sort it out. You need to request your transporter, and it may take a couple of days for the work to get finished. You can use another SIM card until then. On the off chance that you don’t have one, you could back up the information on your handset, delete the settings, and restore it later.


Useful tips for selling an old iPhone 7

Here are some tips that you should recall when selling old mobile phones.

  • Sell it at the earliest!

The more you hold back, the less you’ll get for your old handset. Prices can drop when another model is launched. Everyone wants to sell their old handsets so they can opt for the most recent one. Prices will regularly drop for any mobile phone, independent of the model and brand.

  • Research for the best price

Look at all your options to sort out the best offer on hand. You may discover a trade-in price works for you, or maybe you’re willing to take less cash so you can sell it immediately. Regardless, if you don’t research all the options, you’ll not know whether you’re getting a sensible resale value.

  • Factory reset

Keep yourself safe with the assistance of the factory reset option, which will erase all your data. Backup all the data first – you don’t want to lose any of your personal information.


Where to sell your old iPhone 7

You can consider mobile purchasing and recycling companies, there are a lot of them about these days. They deal in several models of old mobile phones and will offer you a price for them. You can browse through their websites to get a free quote for your old gadget. Ensure you fill in all details to get an accurate offer. When you are happy with the price, many will send you packaging to put the phone in. Upon receiving your old handset, they make the payment. The better sites will usually pay you within a few days of receiving your device.

Remember, it’s a good idea to take a picture of your phone before sending so you can prove its original condition, and send the phone via tracked delivery so you know it has been received. 


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