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Oct 29

How to land a job as a multimedia artist

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The role of a multimedia artist is creative, to say the least. Multimedia artists and animators create 2D and 3D models/animations for movies, video games, television and other forms of media. This job is for creatives as it allows for designing, visualizing and graphic design. You will be bringing a writer’s work to life.

Like most jobs, however, it is no simple industry to break into. Not only do you need the correct qualifications and skills, but you also need to know the right people and dedicate time to networking.


Complete the required education

You will need to build an understanding of how to use the appropriate technology to create designs and special effects. What’s more, you’ll want to acquire the required technical skills and improve your eye for detail and artistic capabilities. University/college is a great means to develop and discover your own style, as well as know which industry you want to join.

Through your time at university, you will develop skills in illustration, computer animation, and graphic design. Developing an impressive portfolio to show off your talents will also be taught by professors.


Take time on your portfolio

Of course, you want your portfolio to stand out – but how can you do this exactly?

Being original is key. Be sure to inject personality through the artwork you select. Focus on the characters you have created, more so than the movement. You want people to connect to the characters so that they connect to the story. Movement may seem impressive, but typically an animation is made by the emotions of the character.

Your whole portfolio needs to be catered around the audience you are targeting, though. Research the studio you are applying for and be sure that you tailor your portfolio to the studio you are applying to by including the type of work you are aspiring to create.

Remember that you will also need to create a winning CV and cover letter. While your portfolio will surely shine and be a significant defining factor, a CV is also essential. Head to LiveCareer for tips on how to write a CV.


Show your demo reel

Keep an up-to-date demo reel and have it posted on your personal website. YouTube has great render quality and can, therefore, do your demo reel justice, but it is highly recommended to post it everywhere from Vimeo to LinkedIn.


Be sure to network

In the movie, TV and gaming business, who you know is extremely important. While you will need the required skillset, reaching out to those in the industry and forging a professional relationship can help.

You can network through social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, you should also attend events and conferences and meet noteworthy people there.

Jobs are scarce right now, so equipping yourself with the skills, knowledge, and professional relationships for your selected industry is essential. Gaming, for example, is experiencing impressive job growth, and artists and animators can experience a high salary, but it is a competitive industry. Be wary of this and put your best work forward.


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