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How to make a million by thinking it!

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moneymagpie_money-bag-richYeah, yeah…think up a million…right…that’s just the sort of thing you get in dodgy emails from American ‘gurus’ who will give you the ‘secrets’ if you will just send them $99 (and more).

Very quickly you realise that the main way to become a millionaire is to email lots of suckers and get them to send you $99…you don’t need that many to get the cash rolling in!

So, yes, of course, realistically you’re not going to make a million overnight unless you win the lottery, however, as money is totally bound up with how you think…really, seriously…a lot more than we give it credit…the way you think can actually have an affect on the wealth you have now and in the future.

So if you want to live a millionaire lifestyle…and honestly, who would say no?…find out the secrets here.

At the very least you could end up making a few more quid than you usually do!



How much are you willing to work for it?

…and here’s the bad news….

Our ideas for thinking yourself rich involve actually doing some work (darn-it!)

Yes, sorry, we’re not offering a staring into the middle-distance and visualising riches kind of solution (don’t take any notice of those ‘gurus’, by the way, and certainly don’t pay for any courses in it!).

We’re talking about how to approach your money-making and business ventures so as to make them bring in the millions…not just one million either…millions.

We have tips here for people who have started their own business – or are thinking of setting one up – and want to make serious money from it.

If you’re still interested…read on…


Can you really think yourself rich?

make a millionBusiness psychologist, Dr Jude Miller says in her book  The Millionaire Mystique  that you don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to be successful.

According to her, the seven-figure income men and women she has interviewed were ‘self-made individuals who began life faced with obstacles that they later overcame’.

So, wherever you come from, wherever you are now and whatever disadvantages you think you have in your life, it is possible to think yourself to a million, according to Burke. In fact, as you will see below, having been through tough experiences in your life can actually help you to become rich long-term.

These are her tips to make a million…can you add any of your own??


1) How can your personality help?

The essential millionaire personality consists of various values such as: knowing one’s duty and wishing to perform and exceed goals at work; being extremely passionate, organised and enthusiastic in work.

Also, to be a strong, well respected and interesting leader that people want to follow you must possess the ability to forget your personal worries at work. it’s not always easy but it needs to be done.

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2) What’s your attitude facing problems?

Burke’s study reveals that the millionaire often does not have a perfect start in life.

As a result of this, the successful millionaire grows stronger and develops coping mechanisms and gains a resilient personality. This enables them to be successful in their industries as they can keep on moving forward in their career and are able to overcome challenges and problems without being overwhelmed by them.


3) How other people can help you

make a millionThe wealthy, successful individual develops over time an excellent rapport with colleagues and ‘forms good solid relationships’.

They are good at using their connections to make things happen. This positive relationship with co-workers is beneficial to the millionaire because by treating colleagues with respect, being positive and encouraging to others, co-workers are more inclined to listen to their boss and do the job well.

‘When they leave work, they leave the stress of the ‘good fight’ behind’. Burke emphasises it’s very important to leave work behind you when you leave the office and make sure you take a break from work and concentrate on other things.

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4) Mind over matter

make a million‘The millionaire has a plan for self-care, which makes them more aware of self and others’.

Good health is an essential for a millionaire. Years of exercise, hobbies, healthy nutrition and meditation contribute to the wealth’s focused and disciplined mind.

Such routines mean the millionaire is disciplined enough to focus and can overcome difficulties when issues arise. Their strong focus means they can take conscious action to conquer problems effectively.


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5) How to deal with failure

In the study, three-quarters of millionaires ‘experienced significant detours and failures’.

Risk-taking is seen as part of the path to success and millionaires are ‘tenacious when dealing with setbacks’.

In order to succeed professionally and become wealthy you must develop a persistent and constantly determined attitude. You are bound to face knock-backs and rejections but it is how you deal with these that will determine your success. You have to be extremely positive and believe in yourself in order to prosper.

‘Male and female millionaires referenced specific obstacles for women in becoming professionally and financially successful, including stereotypes, lack of assertiveness and self-confidence, and responsibility for child and family care needs’ she says.

So if you’re a woman reading this, take heart – these obstacles can make you stronger if you will let them. Treat them as challenges – stepping-stones if you will – and they will help you go higher.

6) Is there time for everything?

‘Millionaires highly recommend having an organised work and family schedule where each individual knows what they are responsible for downmake a million to very specific details’. It’s extremely important to have a healthy balance between your work and home life.

Many millionaires interviewed for Burke’s experiment scheduled their self-care first, then organised their work schedule.

This shows that to be successful you do not have to live and breathe work, you must have a happy balance by working hard and being deeply engaged in your work; and in addition you must make time for yourself and do things you enjoy.

The happier you are in your home life, the better your performance will be at work and this is vital for success.

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7) What does leadership mean?

A very important tip for those wanting to be financially successful and an outstanding leader in the workplace is that that successful millionaires do not do well by venturing on power trips and highlighting their authority above others.

In contrast Burke says ‘leadership is about helping others get the job done’ and that the most successful wealthy people achieve success by creating a learning organisation ‘where employees are not afraid to admit their mistakes and learn from them’.

A supportive manager is one that is more than willing to help, communicates well with all co-workers and one that praises and applauds good work.

‘The most successful leaders – motivate employees, listen to concerns, celebrate achievements and are role models for desirable behaviours.’


8) What can give you the most joy?

Finally, being charitable with your fortune ‘increases physical and mental health and overall sense of well-being’.

In Burke’s study the majority of the millionaire’s gave back to the community or made a positive difference in society.

According to Burke, helping and giving back to others will result in you ‘living longer, feeling better and being in a better mood’. This is because sharing your fortune or using your high social status to help others increases your purpose and ultimately makes you happier.

…oh and by the way….

…here’s how much money you need to live a millionaire lifestyle..

make a millionSo, before we launch into how to think yourself rich, let’s look at how much you need in cold hard cash to have a millionaire lifestyle

Hint…it’s more than a million!

In today’s economy the definition of a millionaire lifestyle has changed dramatically, due to inflation and the huge rise in housing prices.

Thirty years ago a million pounds could buy you a ‘millionaire’s lifestyle’ comfortably.

A millionaire lifestyle consists of a grand house in an upmarket area such as Kensington and Chelsea, extravagant buys such as posh luxury cars and a couple of stylish holiday homes. Today this type of lifestyle would cost a staggering….£10 million.

Yes, that’s TEN million smackers.

This is because an upmarket house in Kensington, London starts at around £4 million. For that you will get a family house with four bedrooms and a patio garden on a busy road. That’s not even in the best area in Kensington either (it’s the billionaires that get those places)

You need to pay even more to get some privacy – it would cost around £6million to live in a nice quiet garden square. That’s just for starters.

So, if you’re thinking yourself into a millionaire mindset…make sure you think high enough!

You can see Dr Jude Miller’s Millionaire Mystique study here and find out how you can become wealthy to.


I’m curious: What one change will you make to your thoughts to make your first million? Share in the comments below.

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