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Feb 15

How to make and save money by giving up meat

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There’s no doubt that veggies are experiencing a very sexy revival. In fact, a recent study showed that more than a quarter of Britons have started following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

While the health, weight-loss and environmental benefits are widely publicised, giving up meat can also save you money and even make you some!

Let’s take a look.


Save money by giving up meat

Vegetarian meal

If you’re a meat-lover, the good news is you don’t actually need to become a full-time vegetarian to save some money.

Even just going meat-free for one day a week can help you save on your monthly grocery shopping expenditure.

Eggs, beans, lentils and chickpeas are all great protein alternatives that are generally cheaper than meat.

‘Super grains’ such as quinoa are also often great sources of protein and various other essential vitamins and minerals. Although a 500g pack could work out a lot more expensive than a 500g steak would, it does last way longer, making it a more economical choice.


Make money by giving up meat

Vegetarian dish

Apart from saving you money, giving up meat can actually also make you money – especially if you decide to focus on a specific aspect of going meat-free.

Here are a few ideas of ways to make money by giving up meat:


Vegan nootropics consultant

Also known as ‘smart drugs’ or ‘cognitive enhancers’, nootropics are supplements that are said to improve memory, creativity, or motivation in healthy individuals.

Not all nootropics are made equal, however, and many may contain traces of animal by-products. One example of this would be Omega3, most often found in oily fish, such as salmon.

If you’re vegan with a background in pharmacy, medicine, herbalism or homoeopathy, you could make a fortune by advising fellow plant-based eaters on which nootropics are safe to use and which should be avoided.

Once you’ve made a name for yourself as a vegan nootropics consultant, you could even consider creating your own range.

How much can you make?

Based on average nutritionist fees (we know it’s not the same thing, but relatively similar), you can probably charge about £100 per hour for consultations.


Start a plant-based food business

Chances are, if you’ve made the choice to go vegan or vegetarian, you pay close attention to what goes into your body. You might even be passionate about creating meals that are healthy, delicious and beautiful to look at.

If this is the case, you could always consider starting a plant-based food business. Here are a few ideas:

Pop-up restaurant

With vegetarianism and veganism on the rise, so are plant-based restaurants. If you’re nervous about throwing everything into a restaurant, why not give the idea a test-run by starting a vegetarian/vegan pop-up restaurant in your home?

If you enjoy hosting parties, you’ll love running your own pop-up restaurant! Also, you’ll get to refine your cooking skills, meet interesting new people and probably make a name for yourself in the plant-based food industry.

How much can you make?

This depends largely on how many people you host and how often you run your pop-up.

However, if you start off by hosting four guests once a month, charging £30 per person (just make sure the price covers your expenses), you could make a pretty decent income on the side.

Read all about running your own pop-up restaurant.



Look, as popular as egg sandwiches and toothpick-staked meatballs were at functions a couple of years ago, they’ve reached their sell-by date.

No matter if it’s your office’s year-end party or a church fundraiser, people have developed an appetite for more interesting and healthier snacks.

If you don’t mind spending hours preparing bite-size dishes in your kitchen, you could make a nice bit of pocket money by doing vegetarian/vegan catering for events.

How much can you make?

Specialised catering services can charge businesses anything between £15 and £17 per head, which would normally include 3 to 5 canapes per person.

Not sure where to start? Read our Cash in on Catering article.


Food truck

Another great way to keep your overheads low, while testing the waters with a culinary business, is to run your own food truck.

Whether you’re setting up a tiny wagon on a busy intersection in your city or going all-out old-school with a classic VW at music festivals, people will love being able to grab a healthy meal on the go.

Find out all about the rules and regulations you should keep in mind by reading our article on how to make money with a food truck.

How much can you make?

Unfortunately, it may cost quite a bit for the initial set-up of your food truck, especially to make sure that all your equipment is safe and in working order.

However, as soon as you’ve been going for a couple of months and gained a loyal customer base you’re bound to see your profit margin growing.


Start a plant-based food blog

So, you love writing, take a mean food photo and enjoy engaging with people on social media?

You’re cut out to be a food blogger!

Running your own plant-based/vegan/vegetarian food blog is a great way to share your passion and connect with like-minded people. If you keep at it, publish regularly and share effectively on social media, you’re bound to catch the eye of like-minded people soon enough and start making some cash.

A few of the ways in which you can make money as a food blogger is to:

  • Run a food blogging workshop
  • Work on campaigns with brands
  • Sell exclusive recipes to subscribers
  • Write a vegan/vegetarian recipe ebook

Find out more by reading How to Make Money from a Blog.


Case Study: Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella

Ella Woodward from cult vegan lifestyle blog, Deliciously Ella, is a great example of someone who has managed to build several successful businesses on her passion for plant-based eating.

She first started following a plant-based diet as part of a holistic plan to help manage the symptoms of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2011 and after prescribed medication didn’t have the desired effects, she decided to undergo a complete lifestyle change.

Although it is now one of the biggest vegan blogs in the world, Deliciously Ella started as an online journal of sorts for Ella to share her journey with friends and family.

As she gained confidence and started posting more recipes, her following grew and now she boasts millions of readers.

Apart from her blog, Ella has written 4 recipe books, launched Deliciously Ella delis and also has a range of breakfast cereals, energy balls and oat bars.

“The company is growing quickly. In 2015, before the deli opened, I had a team of four. A year later Matthew and I have a team of about seventy people and it’s growing quickly, which is mad but incredibly exciting,” Ella writes on her About page.

It’s hugely inspiring to see how someone could turn an adverse situation on its head by delving into their passion.

If Ella could do it, so can you!


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2 years ago

Some good ideas if you’re going vegetarian.

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