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Nov 25

How To Make Money By Selling Your Old Devices

Reading Time: 4 mins

We all wish we could earn some extra money on the side but it can be very difficult to think up imaginative, new, and legal ways to earn some extra money.

One way of doing so is by selling your old mobile phone devices that are gathering dust in your house. If you have a collection of old phones you could be sitting on a small fortune as there are many different companies that pay good money for old phone devices, even those that do not work or function properly.


Where Should You Start?

The very first thing you will want to do is gather up all those old mobile phones and devices that you have in your house. You would be surprised how many people actually have numerous old working phones gathering dust in their office drawers or shelves.

Ask other family members as well if they have any old devices that they do not want any more, as the more you have to sell the more money you are going to make.

Don’t worry if some of the phone devices are not in the best condition or not working at all as many companies will still buy broken phones as they can either be fixed to sell on or can be used for parts.

Try and find the boxes and instructions that came with the phones as this can make them more valuable but again don’t worry too much if they have been thrown out or lost as the units by themselves can still be sold.

Once you have gathered all the phones check which ones are working and which aren’t and take a note. Also write down the names of each and every phone as you may find some are more valuable than others.


Where Can You Sell The Phone Devices?

Once you have collected all the phones you are going to try and sell you need to decide where you are going to try and sell them.

You have many options when it comes to this, you could decide to try and sell them yourself by listing them on social media pages such as facebook marketplace. You could try and sell them on auction websites or you could even offer them for sale to second hand shops that buy electrical equipment.

The easiest and most convenient place to try and sell them would be on dedicated websites that buy and sell old phones. You could try and sell your iPhone to Buyback Boss, for instance.

Before deciding where to sell your devices make sure that you do not have any rare phones as these can fetch big prices and are probably best suited for selling to collectors of old mobile phones. Vintage mobile phones such as the Mobira Senator from 1981 can sell up to fourteen hundred pounds if in good condition.


How Much Money Can You Make?

Depending on the phone device model and the condition it is in, plus if it has the original box and packaging the price you can receive for it varies. Newer iphone models can reach close to their original asking price while more older models can still receive a good amount of money.

As mentioned above it is even worth selling those old vintage phones that you may have kept as some of these can fetch really high prices, particularly if they are rare and in good condition.

It is always worthwhile checking the average sell on price for your phone device before making your decisions. While it is possible to make more money using an auction website you do run the risk that it may sell for alot less than its true value. While with dedicated websites that buy and sell used mobile phones you may not make as much compared to an auction site but you are guaranteed the price as quoted.

Much like when you are buying a new phone you would shop around for the best price, do the same thing when selling your old devices as you may find one website offers one price while another may offer a lot more. Do your research to get the best price possible.


What Other Devices Could You Sell?

There are probably lots of other old devices in your house that you never use and just gather dust. These can also be sold to such websites. Devices like tablets, camcorders and games consoles like The Playstation can make you good money if they are in good condition.

As mentioned above do some research on where  to sell these types of devices to help make you the most profit. Always make sure to read all the small prints on the terms and conditions of such websites as sometimes if the item’s condition is not as you described it they can pay less than offered.


Is It Better To Use Older Phones In Exchange With Upgrades For Newer Phones?

When it comes round to getting your phone upgrade from your network provider they will often try and make a deal with you which includes them taking your old phone. This will normally either help reduce your outlay for the newer model, or lessen your phone bill price.

Sometimes these offers and deals can be worthwhile but many times you are likely to make more of a profit by selling your old device as you are more likely to get a much higher price for the phone.

A good idea would be to view all your options before making a decision, your network provider may be a bit pushy and forward to get you to sign into a new contract but don’t feel pressured or rushed to make your choice.

Take your time and research every option available to you to help you decide what works best for your needs. Sometimes taking the easier option though not making as much money suits you as it means less work on your part but always look at every choice beforehand.


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