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How to make money in the twilight hours

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Watch any fantasy film or read any heart-racing horror and you’ll know that it’s in the twilight hours that the magic happens.

If you’re working 9 – 5 and need to make some extra money on the side, or simply prefer to wake up with the owls rather than the early birds, then this can be the perfect time for you to cash in on too.

To all you vampires out there reading this, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean but for all you other mortals, here’s a few ideas on how to make the most of the night skies.


1. Work as a cab driver

Black taxi cab

Cab drivers and passengers both hate the car clogged streets of rush hour in cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham but see a whole new side to their rides when the commuters have made it home.

While working as a cabbie can keep you in good pocket if you do it full time, it’s also a great way to make money as the sun sets.

Here are the 3 things you need to ask yourself if you think this could be for you:

  1. Do you enjoy driving and interacting with the general public?
  2. Can you apply for a taxi driver’s licence from the licensing unit of your local council or from Transport for London? (Check out the requirement here!)
  3. Do you have good knowledge of your local area and all those pesky one way systems?

There are two main ways in which you could be employed as a taxi driver. The first is through a taxi company and the second is as a self-employed driver. While you may be booked in advance, you may also spend time waiting at taxi ranks for customers and could even be radioed when you are on the move to pick somebody up.

Check out the taxi services in your area and make sure you read the terms and conditions of their contracts carefully – it might be the case that you only get paid for the journeys you make, so be careful you’re not driving around and wasting petrol unnecessarily!


2. DJ your way through the night

Nightclub DJ

What’s better than getting paid to party the twilight hours away? I actually can’t think of anything cooler.

You might think it’s a bit of a pipe dream trying to make money as the next DJ Khaled or HighContrast but it’s not as hard as it seems now that technology is evolving and especially as DJs are actually in high demand.

Here are a few ideas about how to turn your hobby into a money machine:

  • Download reliable mixing software
  • Record a few mini-mixes to give yourself some hype material
  • Give yourself a name!
  • Get yourself a shout out on your local radio station
  • Advertise to your friends and family (there will always be someone having a 21st birthday party somewhere!)

Another great aspect to bear in mind is that you don’t need any qualifications to work as a DJ (even though they can help!) – the most important thing is good beats.

Check out websites such as Digital DJ Tips, MusicRadar, Mixcloud , and DJ TechTools if you want to find out more!


3. Make money as a roadman

Night time roadworker

Believe it or not, it takes a lot of work to keep our roads in tip top condition, and the reason a lot of us don’t see it happening is because most of the serious stuff takes place at night.

That’s right, to avoid the inevitable nightmare of daytime traffic, highway maintenance workers can sometimes have shifts from 11pm until 3am and get paid extra for the strange hours!

There are no formal qualifications required for the role (although experience in construction helps and a driving license is usually a must) as it’s pretty easy to learn on the job.

Day to day tasks range from filling in potholes to gritting roads for winter, which mean you’ve got to be ready to work in all conditions.

Interested in learning more? Then head over to GoConstruct and InputYouth for more information.


4. go behind the bar


Part time bar jobs are a great way to make good money, meet like-minded people and work hours that fit into your busy day time schedule.

The most exciting thing about the catering industry is that when you work at a bar or restaurant, your wages get supplemented by tips if your customers like you.

This means that when you put the effort in, you can (usually!) see the results and go home with the satisfaction of a job well done as well as the extra money to show for it.

While the level of tips you receive does depend on the place you work, apply to some swankier bars and restaurants, get yourself on the bank holiday shifts, and you should start to see the tips rolling in.

Working in a bar is also a great way to meet new people as chats with friendly customers might introduce you to a whole range of professionals who may help you build up the business networks you need or even just give you a whole other circle of mates.

Whether you get into cocktail making or just pulling pints, working behind the bar will give you some handy skills as well that you can keep for life.

You can even go a step further and advertise yourself out to parties and get paid to mix up your own specialty drinks for guests!


Do you make money in the magical twilight hours? Let us know what you do in the comments section below

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