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How to make money from Valentine’s Day

Make money from Valentine’s Day – why not?

Most of us are not doing anything then anyway – even if we have a loved-one, we don’t always want to do what everyone else is doing! After all, the shops, hotels, restaurants, flower-sellers and jewellery shops like to put their prices up round this time, so it makes sense to do something romantic at a different date.

And, if you’re not busy doing your own romantic thing this season, there are plenty of ways to make money from Valentine’s Day.

For those who were originally planning to spend the day weeping into a giant tub of ice cream, read on for ways to make money from the loved-up couples that surround you at every turn.



1. Sell flowers and homemade cakes

Pink Valentines Cup Cakes

On Valentine’s Day, the streets are crowded with couples simply itching to spend money on each other.

It’s the ideal place to sell tokens of love, like red roses or homemade heart-shaped cakes.



Make money from Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped cakes. You can get tins and cookie cutters in heart shapes very easily. If you’ve lost your grandmother’s chocolate cookie recipe, here are some recipe ideas to get you started.  You could even put together and sell homemade Valentine’s hampers.

Depending on your location, you may need a licence to sell your goods in the street – particularly in places such as central London.

Check with your local authority to find out more about the laws in your local area.

If you don’t fancy selling in the street, you could always sell at work, your local leisure centre or any other public place you regularly visit – you could even check with your local library to see if they’d mind.

Cakes, james and sweets – particularly with hearts and flowers on – sell well at car boot sales too, so see if there are any in your area before Valentine’s Day.

Find out here how to make money selling cakes, sweets and jam



If you’re interested in selling flowers or roses, you’ll find great offers at your local wholesale flower market. If you don’t have one close to you, then try to find a wholesale website where it isn’t obligatory that you’re VAT-registered.

You can order hundreds of red roses on for about £3 each (if you buy 100 at a time). Sell these for £4 or £5 each (or more), and you’ll guarantee a healthy profit.

Find out here where to get the best blooms for Valentine’s Day


2. make money from valentine’s day as an entertainer

Young woman in red dress playing piano in restaurantCan you play an instrument well (really well)?

If so, ask around the local restaurants and see if they’d be interested in your tuneful talents to liven up their venue.

Being an entertainer is a good way to make money from Valentine’s Day.

Obviously, it helps if you play an instrument that’s relatively romantic, such as the guitar or piano. Your expertise with the paper and comb might have impressed your high school girlfriend, but it’s unlikely to cut the mustard at a candlelit Michelin-starred restaurant.

Offer to play at individual tables on request so the fee is paid by the customer, or charge the restaurant for your performance.

Alternatively, you could take your entertaining services one step further by providing surprise musical interludes for your customers’ loved ones.

Offer to pop up at a pre-arranged park bench at a particular time or even the receiver’s workplace.

Advertise in shop windows, internet forums and your local newspaper to get the word out.

You could also busk by queues into popular restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs. Sing romantic melodies directly to couples and they might feel they have to pay you just to look good!

Look here for info on how to make money as a busker.


3. Be a kissogram

Now this is a bit 80’s admittedly, but who doesn’t like a bit of retro here and there? And it’s definitely a good way to make money from Valentine’s Day!

In case you didn’t know, a Kissogram is a person that delivers kisses (rather than messages) to someone.

It’s not too hard to become one. You can register online to be listed as a Kissogram with a Kisssogram agency, and can expect to earn an average of £150 for the day.

Warning: quite a lot of Kissogram agencies are…erm…a bit shady. Many of them do strippers, naked butlers and ‘adult’ entertainers. So be careful here. Check the agency is the sort of outfit you want to be connected to before signing up!

If you don’t think you’d feel comfortable running around delivering kisses, there’s always the option of becoming a Gorillagram.

This requires you to dress up in a gorilla suit and do a little dance for your customers. Why someone would want to express their love to another human being in this way is beyond us, but ours is not to reason why.

Some Kissograms come up with other, clever personas – often based on costumes they already have.

Why not offer yourself as a:

  • Singing policeman/woman
  • Air hostess (sing “I’m Mandy, Fly Me”)
  • Maralyn Monroe soundalike and lookalike

…or any of your own ideas (tell us yours in the comments below!)

If you’re female, you might like to have a male friend coming along with you to just make sure that you get out in one piece.

It depends where you are and how intoxicated your clients are, how dangerous it could be. but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


4.  babysit to make money from valentine’s day

The easiest way to make money from Valentine’s Day is to offer babysitting services. Every couple in the land will be trying to palm off the sprogs on to some unsuspecting victim in the run up to 14 February.

Babysitter with baby on her knee

If you’ve got experience with children, particularly if you have them yourself, then parents will be much more likely to trust you. So make it known when you advertise yourself.

As with the entertainer idea, you could advertise in shop windows or in your local newspaper – but the best advertising by far is through word of mouth. Let all your friends and work colleagues know you’re available on the night, and the customers should come rolling in.

It’s also worth getting yourself on some babysitting agency books like Top Notch Nannies which offers babysitting in the London and Home Counties areas.

Click here for more information about making money babysitting


5. Be a romantic photographer



You don’t necessarily have to be a brilliant photographer to make money: pick up a Polaroid camera from Amazon and have a waPhotographer potographing couple on a beach at sunsetlk around the romantic hotspots in your area on the special day.

Polaroid cameras instantly print photos out with a little space to write a message at the bottom – perfect for romantic moments.


mobile phones

Get a photo-enhancing app on your phone and offer to take photographs of couples that you immediately enhance with hearts and flowers and send to them for a small fee – really about £120-25 a go would work well if the photos are really good.

All you will need is your phone, the app and extra batteries!

Warning: it’s probably best to ask before taking a couple’s photo, as

a) they might not be interested in buying one, and

b) they might misread your intentions and see you as a creepy camera-clutching stalker.

Look here for more information about making money from your photos.


6. Sell “anti-Valentine” T-shirts and cards

For many people, Valentine’s Day is about as enjoyable as having their teeth pulled to the sound of lift music.

Some see it as just being another cash cow, designed for Hallmark to sell bad poetry and teddy bears to the besotted moon-eyed masses.

For singles and the heartbroken it is another reminder that tAnti Valentine's T-shirthey still haven’t found ‘the one’, whilst their friends talk endlessly about their romantic plans for the night.

Others resent the fact that restaurants can charge couples three times their normal prices because you have to go out and have a romantic meal on February 14 – it’s the law, apparently.

Luckily for you, you can make money from Valentine’s Day by being anti-Valentine’s Day!

There are plenty of people out there with a grudge against the day, and they could be willing to spend a bit of spare cash making it known. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a wit, you could try making and selling T-shirts and cards with anti-Valentine slogans.

Visit a site like Café Press or for ideas on designs or phrases to use. Also, put ‘love jokes’ or ‘anti-love jokes’ into your search engine and see what comes up. Or think up something original yourself – go on!

Then, upload your design and get your merchandise printed to order. Spread the word among family and friends or head over to large offices, busy streets or sell your goods online on Etsy.

Have you made money from Valentine’s Day?
How did you do it?
Tell us all about it in the comments below.




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Stuart Cooper
Stuart Cooper

Some years ago I bought a camera. I went to a local restaurant and asked them if I could walk round on Valentine’s night taking photographs of couples dining there. They said okay and that’s what I did. I had no training and no idea what to do but I asked the couples if they would like to buy the photograph that I took. It wasn’t easy getting them to buy but nowadays, with digital cameras and mobile phones, it might be easier especially if you plan ahead. Give it a go.

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