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Oct 29

How to make MORE money living in Wales

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Wales is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has some of the most historic and stunning natural landmarks on the continent, never mind in the UK.

Swansea and Cardiff are also two fantastic cities which draw thousands of people from around Britain to work and spend their pleasure time in.

Wales entertains a huge number of tourists and a number of industries are growing across the main commercial centers which is boosting local economies and the overall financial output of the nation.

Even though Brexit will bring a degree of uncertainty for the whole of Europe, there may be opportunities for Welsh nationals to capitalise and make extra income over the next few months and years.

To help you understand how, we’ve researched the best ways to make MORE money if you live in Wales.

Become a TV extra

become tv extra cardiff

Cardiff is home the the state-of-the-art BBC television studio at Roath Lock.

A number of hit TV shows are filmed and produced there such as Dr Who and Sherlock, and if you live in the area, you could get involved.

Working as a TV or film extra is difficult due to the unsociable working hours but if you have spare time on your hands or are looking to get into the entertainment industry, starting out as an extra is a great way to get experience.

All you have to do is apply to the BBC by following this link.

And for more help and advice on become a TV extra, read our dedicated guide here.

However, if you’re camera shy but still want to be able to work with film and TV professionals, you can rent your home out as a film set. Once more, we have a helpful article with all the advice you could need here.

Join focus groups

focus group work wales

As is the case in most major cities, there are a plethora of businesses which need people to participate in focus groups.

We have a dedicated article on How to make money from focus groups here.

The article explains what is involved in a comprehensive manner and shows the difference between the different types of focus groups.

If you would like to find out how to join one, go to People for Research and discover the latest opportunities.

Use Gumtree to find work

Gumtree is a fantastic resource for finding work, items for sale and freebies.

There are a huge number of regular jobs to apply for, however, there are also community jobs which are often ‘cash-in-hand’, meaning you can complete them in your spare time.

Not only can you respond to ads on Gumtree, you can post them for free and advertise any skills you have.

This is a great way to make the most of what you know, especially if you are able to help with DIY over the winter.

You can check out the latest community opportunities in Cardiff here.

The most recent posts in Swansea can be found here.


Become a rugby referee

become a rugby referee wales

If you don’t play rugby in Wales, it’s pretty likely that you watch a lot of it, if you don’t, are you even Welsh?

Throughout the country, thousands of sturdy lads and lasses run out onto fields and battle in the mud to get the ball over the line.

But if you don’t fancy getting beaten up every weekend but still want to be involved in the action, you can train and get paid to be a referee.

Not only will you earn money, you’ll also get the chance to build up your experience and open up more career opportunities if you make the right decisions more often than not!

It’s also a good work out so getting fit is another bonus.

To begin your journey as a rugby referee, follow this link.

Capitalise on added tourism

host tourists in wales

Nobody knows what is going to happen following Brexit, but one thing that seems likely is there will be more barriers and added charges for people wanting to go on holiday in Europe.

Added to the potential issue of the economy suffering and people wanting to save money, the jump in tourism to other parts of the UK for British citizens is likely.

A huge number of Brits already go to Wales to enjoy the coastlines and mountainous terrain and you may already be making money from that tourism, however, making preparations to capitalise on more people visiting could allow you to make more money than ever over next summer and beyond.

Airbnb is a great place to take inspiration from and list your home for British visitors. If you already live in a tourist hotspot but you don’t offer anything to tourists, you could pocket a good amount of money to supplement your income in the coming months.


Apply for Christmas and New Year’s Jobs

christmas jobs

Swansea and Cardiff are cities which host Christmas markets, attended by thousands of people over the holiday period.

As a result, a large number of jobs will be available for people with a little more time over the festive weeks, perfect for students or people who work in schools.

The average hourly rate of pay increases over the Christmas period so make sure to apply if you want a cash injection to help cover all those additional Christmas costs.

To visit the Swansea Christmas Market website and search for jobs, click here.

To visit the Cardiff Christmas Market website and search for jobs, click here.

Furthermore, the New Year’s firework displays in each city offers more opportunity for people to work and earn more money in service jobs.


 Offer a helping hand over the Winter

snow clearing help

The ‘Beast from the East’ brought much of the UK to a standstill as freezing temperatures spread over the entire nation earlier this year.

If the same happens during this winter, more hands may be required to alleviate the stress in rural areas in Wales due to the fact that so many communities are based a long way from major cities.

Robert Mercer, the owner of Turfland, a business selling turf for gardens, invested in salt several years ago as he recognised the need for more grit on the road as more and more cold periods were happening in the UK.

This is the kind of forward thinking that you should be considering now, an investment in tools and snow shovels could help you make extra money over the winter if there are businesses and people who need their drive ways cleared in rural areas.


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2 years ago

Great ideas for money making in Wales.

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