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How to make money and save money with Zeek Marketplace

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Gift cards: love them or hate them, they’re the ‘go to’ present for friends, colleagues and family alike.

It’s not surprising then that out of the 47% of Brits who receive gift cards every year, half never get used, leaving an estimated £300million of gift cards forgotten or wasted every year

However, you can grab back the money in your unused gift cards and even save money by buying discounted gift cards to buy things for yourself. Here’s how…


using zeek to buy and sell gift cards

Thanks to Zeek it’s so easy to make money from your unwanted gift cards and vouchers.

How to make savings on everyday purchases: Zeek Marketplace

Zeek is an online and mobile gift card marketplace which has been leading the charge in the gift card revolution by providing a secure and easy environment to sell vouchers and gift cards without the need for a buyer-in-waiting.

This means now you can instantly sell that book shop gift card from your distant aunt which has been gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer since Christmas for cash. Or you can sell the M&S voucher or Tesco voucher you’re sure you will never use. Whatever it is, get the cash back!

You can also buy other people’s unwanted gift cards at hugely reduced prices – it’s brilliant, try it out.

Simply sign up for your free Zeek account today and make money and save money with gift cards.


transfer to an amazon gift card

When you sell a gift card through Zeek the money goes into your Zeek ‘wallet’ and is transferred to your Paypal or bank account.

However, they have also just launched a new service allowing people to swap unwanted gift cards for Gift Cards.

So that means you can sell your unwanted gift cards quickly and safely on Zeek’s website and apps, and get an Gift Card in exchange. The gift card is delivered digitally into the Zeek wallet for online redemption at Amazon.


Buy a cheap gift card

If you have a birthday coming up and you want a £25 gift voucher for your favourite brand for just £20, Zeek is the place to get it. It’s a win-win situation – card holders get the chance to redeem money on their cards and buyers get gift cards for less than the normal price.


save on your entertainment

And it’s not just gift cards for special occasions you can save money on, it’s everyday purchases too, from fashion and electronics to supermarket brands.

Take brands like Starbucks, Hungry House and Cineworld – just a few clicks later and your morning coffee, Friday takeout or weekend cinema trip is discounted thanks to immediately accessible gift cards.

So even if you don’t have someone else’s special occasion to buy for, you can use Zeek to just save money on your own purchases.


save on the weekly shop


How to make savings on everyday purchases: Zeek MarketplaceThe weekly shop is a prime example of how Zeek is reinventing shopping. High street grocery shops like M&S and Sainsbury’s are featured regularly in the Zeek marketplace, meaning consumers can fill their trolley before buying a voucher through Zeek for up to a 10% discount at the till. A family who spends £200 a week on clothes, food and other items could easily save over £1,000 a year simply by utilising someone else’s unwanted gift card.

There’s no denying that gift cards have had the ultimate revival, taking the mantle as the next major shopping trend and if you’re looking for high street discounts, everyday savings or to sell your unwanted vouchers, Zeek’s online and mobile marketplace is easily one of the most valuable resources out there.

Start saving money on everyday purchases by signing up for free to your own Zeek account here

…and why not make some money while you’re at it by selling those unwanted gift cards – result!

App available from the AppStore and Googleplay


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I like the idea of swapping other gift cards for Amazon gift cards.

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