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How to offer more value to your accounting firm’s clients

Growing and diversifying your accounting business can be accomplished through a variety of means, but client satisfaction is priority. Delivering better value to your clients means offering unmatched service and accurate reporting, each and every time. So how do you take your client satisfaction to the next level? Offer more value.


Invest in Advanced Software Technologies

Clients expect accuracy. The best way to provide top-notch services is to take advantage of top-notch technology. With the advent of modern CPA tax software, accounting firms are well-positioned to offer clients the accurate reporting and filing they expect. Software options like Intuit ProConnect’s ProSeries offer a variety of features designed to streamline client communication, including electronic data transfer, e-signing capabilities, and easy payment methods that are convenient for both firm and client.


Stay in Contact

Set up a recurring email newsletter with pertinent, relevant information. It’s simple to set up email campaigns thanks to email marketing services like Constant Contact. Your clients can choose to opt in or out of your emails; those that opt in will see your firm’s name regularly. These email campaigns assure clients that you’re on top of your game, whether you’re posting about recent tax law changes or sending out reminders on important tax dates. A nonintrusive email campaign is also an excellent way to establish your firm as an authority in the field.


Strategize Social Media Efforts

Quantity doesn’t trump quality when it comes to social media efforts, and it’s important to strategize the ways you use social media channels. Begin by establishing goals: Are you looking to bring awareness to particular services or products? Do you want to improve brand awareness? Or are you looking to offer more value to customers by keeping them in the loop? Once you have your goals established, identify the social media channels that your target audience uses. That way, you can use the network that offers the most reach. Spreading your marketing budgeting too thin on an excess of social media profiles won’t do you (or your clients) any good. Once you’ve chosen your preferred channels, create a cache of content that you can post regularly—a dormant Facebook account that you post on once a year is the equivalent of forgoing social media altogether.  If you’re finding it difficult to navigate the social media world, consider hiring a social media marketing company that can manage your accounts.


Assess Your Pricing Methods

Pricing your services correctly is a crucial aspect of success. If you’re offering fixed pricing, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • The number of transactions that you’ll cover
  • The number of bills you expect to pay each month
  • The number of checks the client writes each month
  • The number of employees on the payroll (and how many states are covered)
  • The cost of technology
  • The cost of training
  • Training time
  • Administrative time
  • Meeting time
  • KPI reporting/monitoring
  • Benchmarking


How to offer more value to your accounting firm’s clients


Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Don’t simply show up at tax time. Instead of waiting to alert your clients of issues after the fact, focus on offering proactive services. Your clients expect proper guidance, and your firm is tasked with advising them on compliance developments, tax code changes, and industry shifts. It’s important that you make the extra effort to help clients achieve growth. Set up meetings throughout the year to discuss their financial growth plans, in addition to their accounting needs. Are there trends in their industry that could affect cash flow? Are there areas in their business that they might streamline processes and reduce costs? Offering expertise in a variety of financial aspects is one way to ensure your clients are getting the value they pay for. Provide guidance for bookkeeping processes (extremely valuable for small businesses just getting off the ground), or hold a training session for tax preparation and organization. The more face time you put in, the more value you provide.

If you’re looking for ways to improve client experience and ultimately increase your firm’s bottom line, these tools and strategies are indispensable.



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